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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Crossword Puzzles and Presidents

Excuse my last comment. I am a crossword junkie so doing it in pen is a must for those of us who are addicted to doing at least one difficult crossword a day. Get me on a long plane trip and, oh the glee.

About 4 months ago the Sunday NYT puzzle (long but not as difficult as Saturday's by a mile) contained a puzzle that was touted as one that ex-Prez Clinton (the guy) did in under an hour. Well, when challenged a cross-word puzzler will roll up his sleeves and try to beat any star and especially the big man. I started it. It was the easiest one they have ever published! One a scale of 1-10 where an 8 is typical Sunday difficulty, this one was a 3! And the puzzle's theme was Presidents! That is like giving me a puzzle with the theme being the Larry Bird Celtics or CCR songs (that I have been forbidden to listen to by Mr. Fogerty).

So instead of getting a C-word puzzlers poser, I got a TV Guide-level time waster. I did it in 30 minutes, since I had to write in the small boxes and that took up time.

In some way this characterizes Clinton. He was never up to the challenge. He would take on the gimmes and crow later (and secret service guys says he lied about his golf score all the time). Unlike Bubba, GW received a brutal lie behind a tree in the deep rough. He asked the UN caddies what he should do and they said to chip out or taking a penalty drop. Instead, he did the risky thing and grabbed an iron and hit it out through the trees towards the green. The only thing we do not know right now is did GW hit the green or is he still a chip shot away. Maybe he overshot the green. No one knows. The Left say he is still in the rough or deeper in it. The Left's option? Stay there.


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