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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Gore-y Truth

The liberal answer to conservative success in talk radio, the blogosphere and cable TV news, is Air America, Arianna Huffington's blog and now a TV network with Al Gore as its President. The liberals really are good at wasting money. But, at least it is Soros' money and not yours and mine.

Ned Rice in NRO provides a sharp review of this train-wreck. Says Rice:

(T)hese ham-fisted Democratic attempts to hijack the new media share a common flaw: the false premise that what’s held Democrats back the last few Election Days was their inability to “get their message out.” Attention Democrats: the American people have heard your message loud and clear, and the more they hear of it the less they like it.

Maybe the liberals really are being intentionally funny.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Quant Trader said...

When I listen to Air America, it seems like the talk show hosts are doing a paradoy of what liberals who have never listened to conservative talk radio imagine it to be. You know the standard liberal characterization of conservative talk radio? An angry talkshow host rants, while rednecks call in: "Hey, I agree with everything you say!" When you listen to conservative talk radio, you see that it is funny. There are discussions. The hosts engage their callers, and there are debates between the host and guests. Conservative talk radio shows are about entertainment as much as politics.

When I tune into Air America...it's exactly what liberal's imagine conservative talk radio is. An angry host rants, and all of the callers agree with everything the host says, except the host and callers are all liberals. It's utterly humorless and boring.

The #1 reason no one listens to air-america is because it's boring. If it wasn't boring at least liberals would listen to it, and that would support enough ads to make _some_ money in liberal markets.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger neal phenes said...

I never have had the opportunity to listen though it was carried on my digital TV station Sundance which I always thought was a freaking movie channel! I could never watch past 5 minutes.

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