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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

1+1+1+1= 9/11

Andrew “Skip” March provides us the following:

When I hear the argument made that Iraq had or has nothing to do with 9-11, my shorts get all in a knot. I often ask those who make this argument and other programmed liberal arguments, “what was the price of minimal, limited or no response to the first WTC bombing, to the bombing of US embassies, bombing of the USS Cole and yes even Iraq? Answer: 9-11”

Our response to the first WTC bombing was prosecution of a local cleric and a few guys driving a U-HAUL. Hhhmmm…didn’t Mr. Rove recently articulate exactly that problem with the Left’s desired response to 9-11?? I distinctly recall President Bush addressing Congress and the World and saying that either you are with us or against us; that we will attack terrorism in its local cells and in its harboring patron countries. I also remember the whole of Congress standing and applauding these very words. President Bush was doing nothing more than articulating existing decade old US policy which also extended to regime change in Iraq.

Ooohhh, you mean we have to do something now…..that’s different. First we have to take a global test…would that be a multiple choice or essay test? We can’t rush into these things you know…it’s only been a decade of attack on the United States and the civilized world by radical muslim terrorists and a declaration of war by Osama Bin Laden.

Then the Left and MSM asks, why aren’t we attacking North Korea or Iran, who have more developed nuclear weapons programs? As if they were going to take any real action there anyhow. Well the answer is that the World had specifically cited Iraq as the major threat to peace in the Middle East and the World articulated through numerous UN resolutions. Further, we were all too busy bribing those other countries not to develop the nuclear capabilities they claimed they were not developing. Sounds like policy and execution failure to me. Does anyone really believe that the inaction in Iraq and being duped by Saddam Hussein and other blood thirsty dictators was lost on OBL and his merry band of liberators?

In this whole war on terror, and it is a war by the way, Iraq is the linchpin to success. If it wasn’t, the whole of the radical Muslim terror movement wouldn’t be amassing their efforts there. We have seen the fruits of success from this policy in Libya, the Palestinian territory, Lebanon and yes even Iraq. Since the Iraqi election I haven’t heard Senator Kennedy talk about how the terrorists are winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. I wonder how well received the Senator would be by our troops in Iraq….don’t see him hurrying over for a visit. Senator, isn’t it time for you to resign?

The world has changed and the Left just doesn’t get it. Evil is confronting us in a completely different way, although we have had plenty of evidence during the past decade. Iraq is practically and symbolically the focal point with terrorists drawn out in the open more than they have ever had to be. In doing so we will defeat them if we all remember that Iraq is very much about 9-11.

Skip's sentiment was seconded by Ben Johnson in his piece in Frontpage today. Quoting President Bush last night:

“This nation will not wait to be attacked again. We will take the fight to the enemy. We will defend our freedom.”

Says Johnson:

Each Democratic charge designed to place the President beyond the pale has the ricochet effect of wounding our troops’ morale. An emotional President Bush, flush with gratitude, teared-up at the end of his speech when he looked these enlisted men and women in the eyes and told them, “Thank you. And may God bless America.” Fox News’ Carl Cameron said the troops, who had been instructed not to cheer, were riveted to the president throughout. MSNBC’s Donna Gregory reported another set of soldiers watching the speech on TV were “decidedly pro-Bush.” Bush’s simple words showed them, despite the poison partisan rhetoric, Americans love them, and that they are the human agents protecting freedom at home and extending liberty into the darkest regions of the globe. In any other era in American history, they would have never doubted this. Last night’s address was the best speech President Bush should have never had to give.

Brendan Miniter in "The Defeatist Caucus" in the WSJ see the Left as trotting out their game-plan from Vietnam. He says:

[T]he Vietnam metaphor is apt today because the U.S. is in a war it can win and is winning, if only those inside the Beltway would stop preferring defeat to victory and disgrace to honor...

But walking away from the overarching moral struggle proved disastrous across the world. After Congress shut off funding to the Republic of Vietnam, U.S. influence receded in the face of communist insurgency, and South Vietnam quickly fell in 1975. The emboldened Soviets were then free to press their interests in Africa, South America and, yes, the Middle East. The shah of Iran fell just a few years after Saigon. Radical Islamic terrorism got a big push from the Soviets.

This history is worth running through because some of those who led the effort to shut off funds to South Vietnam are in Congress today and are among the critics of the war in Iraq. It's not that Massachusetts's Sens. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry learned nothing from the defeat in Vietnam. It seems that they learned all the wrong lessons and still have no problem with watching the U.S. lose an eminently winnable and moral war.


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