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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism Destroys the Carrier

Historian Paul Johnson's essay in Commentary "The Anti-Semitic Disease" lays out the fatal effect of anti-Semitism to the carrier. Johnson explains how anti-Semitism is ancient dating back to 3rd century B.C.E. in Alexandria, adding the Christian layer of the Enlightenment, the 19th and 20th century Russian and German versions and culminating with the Arab version of today. Each time, the irrationality of the "disease" has killed the victim. Maybe it is more a suicide.

Spain thrived until the expulsion of the Jews in the 1490's. By Spain losing this valuable talent of financiers and entrepreneurs, despite its gain of silver and world conquest, its economy suffered inflation, "long-term decline, and the government into repeated bankruptcy."

The beneficiaries of the expulsion was the Netherlands and, most importantly, England and the U.S. Johnson explains that immigration at the time of the Industrial Revolution was the catalyst to development, with Jews playing a large part.

Johnson outlines how France's anti-Semitism led to its demise post the Dreyfus Affair, Hitler's irrational delusions led to his fighting wars on 2 fronts seeing Jews in charge of both the U.S. and Russian Communism, Russian legal system enforcing anti-Semitism paved the way for complete control of the citizenry and, finally, the Arab anti-Semitism.

In 1917 when the Balfour Declaration authorized a Jewish home in the Middle East, the Nazi-influenced Arabs missed out on Chaim Weizman's dream of Jewish immigrants providing the region "scientific and agricultural experts as well as many entrepreneurs [who] would play a key role in enabling the Arabs of the Middle East to make the most effective use of their newly developing oil wealth."

That was squandered by this anti-Semitism. Says Johnson:

"Had Jewish-Arab cooperation been possible from the start, and had money from oil been creatively invested in education, technology, industry, and social services, the Middle East would now be by far the richest portion of the earth’s surface. This has been one of history’s greatest lost opportunities, comparable, on a much greater scale, to Spain’s mismanagement of its silver wealth in the 16th century."

Naturally, the "disease" had the "customary consequence". The Arab trillions of oil revenue is wasted in multiple wars against Israel and now against the U.S. Sadly, somewhat innocent, the moderate Muslim has also become a victim (though their tacit complicity with terrorism has wrought their economic and physical woes as well). Anti-Semitism is proven fruitless as Arabs are "now being overtaken decisively by the Indians and the Chinese, who have few natural resources but are inspired by reason, not hatred".

Today, the similar criticism of Jews and America is eerie. Johnson writes:

"Americans are excessively religious; they are excessively materialistic. They are vulgar money-grubbers; they are vulgar spenders. They hate culture; they are pushy in promoting their own culture. They are aggressive and reckless; they are cowardly. They are stupid; they are exceptionally cunning. They are uneducated; they subordinate everything in life to the goal of sending their children to universities. They build soulless megalopolises; they are rural imbeciles. As with anti-Semitism, this litany of contradictory complaints is fleshed out with demonic caricatures of particular individuals like George W. Bush."

With this hatred again comes economic and moral stagnation. We learn that in the unpublished second half of Mein Kampf anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism were related hatreds. And like the hatred of the Jews, hatred of America is unwarranted. Writes Johnson:

"After all, to hate Americans is against reason. For centuries, and never more so than at present, the U.S. has harbored the poor and persecuted from the entire world, who have found freedom and prospered on its soil. America continues to receive more immigrants than any other country; its most recent arrivals, including the Cubans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and the Lebanese, have become some of the richest groups in the country and are enthusiastic supporters of its democratic norms. Indeed, since American society is now a vibrant microcosm of the human race, I would say that to hate Americans is to hate humanity as a whole. "


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