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Friday, June 03, 2005

Buchanan Stands Up Alone For Nixon

Given the lionizing of “Deep Throat” by the MSM, Pat Buchanan is doing his best to defend his former boss. There is something refreshing about his loyalty and there are fewer Nixon defenders still around who were alive in an adult capacity in 1973. Such allows myths to become accepted fact.

Buchanan defends Nixon’s pursuit of Communists such as the successful conviction of Soviet spy Alger Hiss. It was Nixon’s success in that prosecution and his winning elections against liberal icons that got the Democrats riled to the level of personal hatred (sound familiar?). The final straw was Watergate described by Scrappleface :

The dramatic stories of Republican burglars, who helped Mr. Nixon narrowly defeat Democrat George McGovern in a landslide, rocked the nation and established journalists as the chief defenders of American democracy.

Buchanan sees the MSM as hypocrites by destroying Nixon while ignoring the same or worse "crimes" committed by or on behalf of their own darlings. He writes:

Not one miscreancy committed by Nixon's men did not have its antecedent in the White Houses of JFK or LBJ. But they got away with it, including the distribution to the press of dirt on Dr. King, picked up by secret FBI photo and wiretap. What Segretti dirty trick remotely approaches that one, which the liberal press covered up?

Buchanan reduces the Nixon involvement in Watergate and other "dirty tricks" as:

And by his failure to act decisively and ruthlessly to clean his campaign and White House of loyalists who had blundered and, yes, committed crimes, he became ensnared in a cover-up that would destroy his presidency. He gave them a sword, and they ran it right through him. And when he went down, Southeast Asia and everything 58,000 Americans had bled and died for went down with him.

While I may not agree with the leniency he shows Nixon on Watergate, I agree with Buchanan's last point regarding the cowardly, dishonorable cut-and-run from a war initiated and escalated by the Democrats. Back when I was Democrat I always had trouble talking my way out of that fiasco. The MSM today favors a similar end to the Iraq War. Given that fecklessness, I support much of Buchanan's one-man response. And see something heroic in it.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is how "Landshark" described it at Lucianne.com

Reply 6 - Posted by: Landshark, 6/3/2005 3:36:11 PM

Liberals in their search for "root causes", never seem to wonder why Nixon was the dark character they despise.

I'd suggest they review Nixon's selflessness in 1960 in NOT contesting the Illinois results that would surely have been provable vote fraud.

He could have forced the country into a Consitutional crisis ala Gore 2000 and he refused.

It did make him bitter, cynical and too-focused on revenge.

When Dean cooked up this caper to cover up his wife's former life as a prostitute, Nixon's demons lead him to participate in a cover up.

Nixon was flawed, yes. But ultimately, he was a better man than Woodward, Bernstein, Bradlee and Felt combined.

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