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Friday, June 17, 2005

Europe Does Not Even Realize It Is On The Canvas

Now even I feel bad for the Europeans. Because of my critical essays in this blog of the EU, its economic policies, its laziness, its fascisistic constitution, its moral vacuity and its love for Jerry Lewis movies (though that is only France), I have influenced eminent historian Paul Johnson, a European himself, to brutally denounce the EU and its leaders in a WSJ editorial entitled "What Europe Really Needs".

He writes:

That Europe as an entity is sick and the European Union as an institution is in disorder cannot be denied. But no remedies currently being discussed can possibly remedy matters. What ought to depress partisans of European unity in the aftermath of the rejection of its proposed constitution by France and the Netherlands is not so much the foundering of this ridiculous document as the response of the leadership to the crisis, especially in France and Germany.

Jacques Chirac reacted by appointing as prime minister Dominque de Villepin, a frivolous playboy who has never been elected to anything and is best known for his view that Napoleon should have won the Battle of Waterloo and continued to rule Europe. Gerhard Schröder of Germany simply stepped up his anti-American rhetoric. What is notoriously evident among the EU elite is not just a lack of intellectual power but an obstinacy and blindness bordering on imbecility. As the great pan-European poet Schiller put it: "There is a kind of stupidity with which even the Gods struggle in vain."

Did he call them idiots?

He talks about Europe's economic stagnation, its denial of its capitalist origins especially in Germany under Adenauer and economics minister Ludwig Erhardt and its low birth-rate (and I thought keeping the population down was a worthy goal per 1960's theories from pseudo-scientists).

On the birth-rate Johnson writes:

If present trends continue, the population of Europe (excluding the British Isles) will be less than the United States by midcentury--under 400 million, with the over-65s constituting one-third of that.

Just yesterday I visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Ellis Island visit showed me that people today from Asia and the Hispanic nations are flooding in much like Eastern Europeans did at the turn of the 20th Century and the Irish and Italians did throughout the 19th Century. They are providing a vibrancy that will carry the US forward through their hard work and talent. The visit to the Statue showed me that ideals can continually inspire if there is faith. Can those very ideals that France contributed to in a meaningful and concrete way be rejuvenated? Sadly, to the Europeans, they are just words lacking the faith the bring them to fruition.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger ChrisCondren said...

Actually Europe is on the ropes and their leaders do not realize that its time has come and gone. No innovation, no incentives to achieve, only a false sense of moral superiority. Perhaps all cause by economic, political and social exhaustion from the ravages of having two world wars fought on its soil.

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