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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Greats Reach Higher

In crises, some people exceed expectations. Some normally high achievers shrink at such times. Then there are the truly special ones who perform at even higher levels at "crunch time". We see it in sports sometime. Superstar Michael Jordan played in (and won) an NBA final game while suffering from a flu that clearly was enough to make the rest of us "sit one out". Bill Russell, a 65% free-throw shooter overall would hit every free-throw in the final minute of games for celtic wins. We all remember Kirk Gibson (any Detroit or LA area blog-readers out there?).

Another superior performer who "raised his game" when it was needed was Rudy Giuliani during the 9-11 period. John Leo assesses Giuliani's excellent performance as prosecutor and mayor well before 9-11. We all saw what he did during 9-11 and the aftermath but his achievements prior to 9-11 make him NY's best mayor since LaGuardia (who designed a whole airport in his free time when he wasn't handling municipal chores or reading the funnies on the radio).


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