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Friday, July 01, 2005

U.S. as Nazis and Jews as Terrorists?

Frontpagemag.com in The Left Revealed provides a transcript of a debate hosted by Michael Medved between David Horowitz and Nation writer Daniel Lazare on the issue of whether the Left's anti-war movement is headed by people who are overtly sympathetic with the Mulim radical terrorists and are America-haters. While Lazare denies this charge by Horowitz, the following short exchanges support the Horowitz claim:

Daniel Lazare: Of course, absolutely. The insurgents in Fallujah are repelling a foreign invasion. They have every right to do it. Now, I’m not going to support every last action by every last fighter there, obviously, but certainly they have a right to repel a foreign invasion of their country.

David Horowitz: The people Lazare is referring to are the terrorists, of course; they're not the Iraqi people. They're a tiny minority of Sunni Muslims who are really upset because a monster has been taken down – their monster. This is the same ruse leftists used to rationalize their support for a Communist victory in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh – an operative of Stalin’s Comintern who spent most of his life in Paris – was alleged to be the “George Washington of Vietnam.” Here we have a classic example of how the Left operates. Daniel Lazare is defending the Sunni terrorists in Iraq – the oppressors of the Iraq people – and pretending that he's doing it in the interest of the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people – the Shiites, the Kurds, the vast majority of the Iraqi people – hate the “insurgents” that we're fighting in Fallujah, but the American Left is choosing that side, the terrorists’ side, of this war.

Michael Medved: Okay, Daniel Lazare?

Daniel Lazare: Are you aware, David, that the other Nazis routinely referred to members of the French Underground as terrorists during World War II?

Michael Medved: Wait, are you just comparing….? We have to take a break. When we come back, Daniel Lazare, I want you to think very carefully about whether you want to compare the people in Fallujah, who do regularly blow up Americans, civilians, schoolchildren, power plants, women, and children, if you want to compare those people to the French resistance to the Nazis, which you just did. If Daniel Lazare stays with that, I'll be surprised, but I've been surprised before. We'll be right back with David Horowitz, author of
Unholy Alliance, and Daniel Lazare.

Later, Medved allows Lazare to explain his point:

Michael Medved: Daniel Lazare, would you like to see the elections scheduled for January 30 in Iraq fail?

Daniel Lazare: I'm totally opposed to what the U.S. is doing in Iraq. Therefore, I would no more support U.S. elections than I would support German elections in France during World War II.

Michael Medved: So you're sticking with this comparison of the United States to Nazi Germany?

David Horowitz: He is, because he believes it in his soul.

Daniel Lazare: I believe it. I believe it entirely.

As a Jew, I find this admission obscene but enlightening of a movement that has lost touch and has allowed their moral equivalence philosphy to destroy their cognizance of morality.

Contributor Andrew Skip March adds the following:

Daniel Lazare's logic (generous term) is convoluted and frankly hurts my hair it is so bad. (I'm in a lot of pain these days with my shorts in a knot and my hair hurting.) Let's see if I follow this. It was OK for the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan to fight radical fundamentalist muslim terrorists, but its OK if these same terrorists win in Fallujah. And it's not OK for the US to fight or confront any of these guys. Huh??

The problem here is that the only country or people that can't extend power is the United States, according to Lazare. There's a closer parallel between President Bush and Hitler than between a Soviet leader (pick one, any one) and Hitler or a murdering barbaric terrorist who cuts people's heads off and slaughter's innocent people? And where do these Fallujah liberators largely come from? Answer, Iran, Syria, Taliban from Afghanistan. Now there's an assembly of countries and regimes that support freedom and democracy around the world, right? He has in fact embodied David Horowitz's thesis in his book "Unholy Alliance" You really do have to hate America to come to the conclusions that Lazare does.


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