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Monday, July 04, 2005

U.S.A.- No Other Place

Ben Stein wrote a cute column about business travel with many sound tips on surviving hotels and plane rides. Without intending it, Stein provided a perfect 4th of July story. He wrote:

Just recently, I sat next to a lovely woman who was married to a highly paid Hollywood screenwriter. On a whim, I asked her what her grandparents' occupations were. She then told me a stunning tale. Her maternal grandfather was half-Jewish, living in Germany in 1941. He was approached by the Gestapo and told that he and his family would be sent to the camps unless he "volunteered" for a suicidal Wehrmacht mission in Stalingrad. He did, and was promptly killed. But the Nazis seized the family's house anyway, and the family had to seek shelter in a relative's farmhouse in the Sudetenland, where they suffered horribly in the late phases of the war.

Now this woman lives in an immense mansion in Hancock Park and drives a Cadillac. "Doesn't this make you want to kiss the American ground you walk on every morning?" I asked her.

"You bet," she said.

God bless America.


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