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Monday, September 26, 2005

Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't It?

Mike Taylor provides these observations:

CSPAN is fascinating at times. I was flipping between The President’s Cup matches and CSPAN’s coverage of the Anti-Iraq War Rally in Washington DC this past Saturday. CSPAN trained its cameras on the lectern where a parade of people pontificated on the evil being done around the world by the “corrupt Bush administration”.

In addition to the “Raging Grannies”, an a capella group of senior women who ranted about Dick Cheney and George W in off-key harmony, an august group of Leftists took to the microphones to denounce most everything happening in the world today:

* Cindy Sheehan – In between coughing into the microphones she told the crowd to congratulate themselves on “being part of history”. I guess she believes she’s the re-incarnation of MLK. No lack of humility from Mother Sheehan.
* Rep. Cynthia McKinney – The Democrat from Atlanta whose sole raison d’etre is to claim that blacks are being held down by “the man” and that blacks are targeted for death by their white masters and didn’t the Superdome “look like a slave ship of old, where black people were being held in bondage and suffering”?
* The “Reverrrund” Jackson – Standard speech from Jesse, comparing Mother Sheehan with Rosa Parks. He made sure to stand right behind Mother Sheehan when the cameras clicked.

It seemed to me that at least half of the speeches were made by pro-Arab speakers advocating one or more of the following:

* Anti-anything Israeli
* Pro-anything Palestinian or
* “End the Occupation of Palestinian Homelands”

A few other speakers were Socialist or Communist or anti-Capitalism. Quite a few wanted to free the Philippines from some form of oppression, I just couldn’t figure out what. But it was certainly clear that George W. Bush was behind it!

This was more of a rally in support of murderers than of peacemakers.

Of course, the claims of “hundreds of thousands of you are here in the streets, joined by one hundred thousand more protesting this immoral war in London today” were greatly exaggerated. Protest organizers blamed low turnout on a George W. Bush scheme to shut down Amtrak trains loaded with “thousands” of additional protesters.

CSPAN just lets the video and audio stream, they don’t edit. That’s the beauty of it.

As I was watching (in between golf shots) I had two observations:

* These people are not going to start any grass roots movement. This protest was an excuse for Communist, Socialist and anti-Capitalists to get on CSPAN and rush through impassioned speeches hand-written on ruled notebook paper. Pathetic moonbats and tin foil hat conspiracy theorists all.
* How come the MSM doesn’t tell us that the vast majority of the crowd are moonbats like these? It was apparent to me that these people are stark raving mad… and they support Mother Sheehan NOT because they also question the origin of the Iraq war… but simply because Mother Sheehan is Anti-American… and that makes her a bedfellow.

Here are pictures from the rally, they tell the story of who organizes these things… and why they’ll never catch on.



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