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Friday, September 23, 2005

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead, So is Air America

Mike Taylor keeps us posted on Air America's popularity with Al Franken's family and a few others (and his final suggestion should not be ignored):

Even stealing from children and the elderly hasn’t helped liberal talk radio network Air America out of the basement of radio rankings. If you recall, Air America’s founder absconded with $875,000 from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club. Not that you’d know that from listening to the Main Stream Media.

A review of ratings in a few major markets tells the story:

-- In New York, Air America flagship WLIB has a 1.0 audience share, for 24th place. Also heard out on Long Island, WLIB is ranked 29th overall. WLIB's previous Caribbean programming generated higher ratings.
-- Los Angeles KTLK: 0.8 share, a tie at 30th with two other stations.
-- Chicago's WCPT-AM tied for last place with a 0.4

Apparently, things have progressed from bad to worse at Air America. The ostensibly “for-profit” network has adopted Public Broadcasting system tactics to raise cash: “Send in $50 and get free bumper stickers!”. If you pony up even more cash you can take home a “stylish tote bag”. (Andy Rooney moment: “Have you ever seen a STYLISH tote bag? I haven’t.”)

Don’t believe me? Try this link:


… or if you want to look at a picture of Michelle Malkin while getting the Air America facts you can try this link:


From Neal Phenes: And for Randi Rhodes' comparison of the Katrina evacuation with Auschwitz...


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