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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dialogue On Miers

To show how people should argue reasonably and amicably, more between conservatives on Miers:

Skip March adds his personal opinion on the Miers nomination:

There are a number of things that bother, no alarm me about the Miers nomination debate:

1) As noted in a previous commentary I wrote, high profile conservative commentators' objections, in substance and style, were disturbingly similar to liberals objections that they criticized during the Robert's nomination. Objections and yes attacks from conservatives had a personal tone which have previously been the exclusive domain of liberal commentators and members of Congress.

2) We have never gotten to know who Harriet Miers is and stands for because the nomination process has been aborted. Possibly there are better qualified conservative candidates, but I'm willing to bet that a number of them had withdrawn their names from consideration because of the pre-hearings attacks during the Roberts nomination and other judicial nominee hearings. I'm also willing to bet that there will be even more that won't throw their hats into the ring now that no one is taking the high ground, except for President Bush.

3) Far left liberals like Ted Kennedy can now position themselves as taking the high ground by wanting the hearings to proceed, but can't proceed because right wing radicals have aborted the process. It's phony and hypocritical but it will work.

4)Congressional Republicans have shown little willingness to take the gloves off. Twist all the arms you want, but timidity is the present style and substance of the day. My previous commentary on "nuclear option" messaging are illustrative.

5) Harriett Miers' qualifications and accomplishments are in fact quite strong

Skip March

Mike Taylor responds:

Here are my reactions to Skip's enumerated points:

1. The objections of "high profile conservative commentators" were that Harriet Miers lacked the bona fides to be on the Supreme Court. Surely, Skip, you would agree that Janice Rodgers Brown, Michael McConnell or Michael Luttig (Appellate Court judges with track records) are better prepared to sit on the Supreme Court than was Harriet Miers (a private lawyer). Who got personal? What is personal about pointing out that Harriet Miers doesn't have record we can look at?

2. Yes, it takes more courage to stand up to the unprincipled slime machine that is the Democratic Party. Maybe some choices that W might call on don't want that fight. If someone doesn't want the undue scrutiny that's understandable, but it will winnow down to the field to those that can stand the heat in the kitchen. That's the kind of nominee we need because whomever is chosen, the Dems will make it personal.

3. Who cares what Teddy Kennedy has to say? It may take as little as a week for W to call up a new nominee. Wasn't Harriet Miers working on that when W tapped her on the shoulder?

4. I say "Bring it on!" to anyone who wants to fight about how we nominate SCOTUS judges or to stand up to a filibuster threat. We won the elections, it is now incumbent on us to do the right thing for America, that's our responsibility. Let's not avoid a fight. And if RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) can't support us, maybe they'll find it more difficult to win their next primary. Perhaps this is the process we need to get more committed Republicans elected to replace Specter, Chafee and other linguini-spined Republicans.

5. I think that Harriet Miers is qualified, my point is that she's not the MOST qualified nominee W could have put up. I will be happier if W's next nominee is someone who has DEMONSTRATED their judicial chops.

-- MTT


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