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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So...Where's All of The Chaos In Florida?

Andrew "Skip" March connects the peaceful and responsible Florida response to Wilma to local government competence. He writes:

Once again our founding fathers are correct about leadership and what works best. Recognizing that the central government can and should be responsible for a few, well defined aspects of our lives with a few, specific and well defined powers, they created a federal form of government for us. The individual states then would handle the rest, with the assumption there was real leadership in place to do so. The contrast between how Mississippi and Florida have handled their respective natural disasters and how Louisiana has is illustrative of how the federal system works with strong leadership.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush pointed out quite rightly that the first line of responsibility is the local authorities with the first responders, backed by state resources and support. The federal government (e.g. FEMA) is the final back-up and resource. I'm guessing that many more Americans understood this before the bombshells started from the Democratic Party and the MSM over Hurricane Katrina and very wittingly took the focus off of who was really responsible.
Moses could have been in charge of FEMA and been in New Orleans personally parting the waters and it wouldn't have made a bit of difference with the completely inept leadership down there. Let's see if the MSM follows up with any comparative analysis regarding leadership and crisis management.........wishful thinking I know.

A good place to start is to show clips of Governor Bush confidently and competently providing the leadership and direction that he does and to contrast that with the "run, scurry, flee danger" leadership and direction provided by the Mayor of New Orleans and Governor of Louisiana.

PS as of 102505:

Miami-Dade and Broward authorities reported few problems despite the loss of power. Fourteen people were arrested for violating a curfew in Miami-Dade, where fewer than 10 looting arrests were made. Broward had six reports of looting, with one arrest.


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughtful commentary. Of course, Governor Bush has experience in such matters AND the population does as well. Heard that folks there are more likely to heed calls to evacuate than they had years ago. (Key West is an exception and really isn't part of FL anyhow.) Partly result, I suspect, of experience in neighboring states. At any rate I agree the governor does a very good job--he gets points for substance and style. Local leadership is key. And I'm a Democrat.

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