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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Sox Win It Again!!!!!

The Sox sweep for the second year in a row!!!

Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Johnny Damon enjoy the crown of the champion once again as the Yankees watch from their estates throughout the country!!!

Oh... It was the White Sox, not the Red Sox? Never mind.

While the ratings were very poor for this World Series with the usual suspects being "no Yankees in it" or "no team from a major market" or "no compelling story", I'll admit I watched only some of each game (but not all) and was satisfied to learn in the morning who won the game. But my reason was there was no suspense.

The White Sox are an incredibly strong team in all aspects of the game. Their starting pitchers place little pressure on their excellent bullpen. Their bullpen inherit leads for short stints. Their closer Jencks is a "man". Their line-up provides timely hitting, sound base running and enough home runs to amass plenty of runs to win games. Their defense is solid. Their manager provides emotion and exudes confidence.

I saw the handwriting of the post-season script when the White Sox easily swept the Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs. Certainly, if the Bosox were handled so simply, the Chisox would have less worry with the Angels and whoever the NL placed in the World Series.

The last point is important. While great pitching (and the Astros have a very good pitching staff) can overcome many deficiencies, NL pitchers do not face consistently the type of powerful line-ups that AL pitchers face over 162 games (with rests during inter-league play). After facing Jeter, A-rod, Sheffield, Matsui, Giambi throughout a game (or the Red Sox mentioned above) regularly, there is a nice break to face the lesser NL line-ups. The Cards last year and the Astros this year were just over-matched.

While I was not consumed with the Series, I am happy for the Chisox to lift their "curse" from their shoulders. The Black Sox scandal is now a historical artifact rather than a current reminder for Chicago players and fans.

The last "curse" looks like it belongs to the Cubbies (though maybe there is a Pete Rose curse on the Reds that we will recognize as the years pass- I hope so anyway). The Cubs have a good line-up and good pitching. Now, Commissioner Selig has to move them to the American League.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Ron Franscell said...

From Ron Franscell's http://underthenews.blogspot.com ...

It's been 88 years since the Chicago White Sox last won a World Series, and now they've finally done it again, sweeping the Houston Astros in four games. 88 years. Every story you see today will remind you that it was 1917 when the Sox last won the Series, which is 88 years ago. Sportswriters will compare the Sox drought to the Boston Red Sox "Curse of the Bambino" or the Chicago Cubs' billy goat, as if metaphysics have somehow become part of baseball's statistical abstract.

But when the Chicago White Sox had their chance to win the World Series 86 years ago -- and the likelihood of their winning was a safe bet -- eight players purposely blew it, scandalizing their team and the game of baseball. Worse, they shattered the public's confidence in its institutions in a way we didn't see again until Watergate, 55 years later.

As tragic as I find the story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox, and as marvelous as I find the the 2005 White Sox, the fact remains: It might be 88 years since they last won a World Series, but they purposely blew a chance 86 years ago that changed everything. Not just baseball, but also our chance to believe in one good thing.

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is ROn Franscell? If he knew the history he would know that baseball was inundated with gamblers back in 1917. It was like steroids from the current era. The only reason the Sox were caught is because the following year the involvement of gamblers overran the game and the owners realized something had to be done. This resulted in the establishment of the Commissioner's office. As far as the analogy to Watergate, give me a break.

At 2:02 AM, Blogger Hoodia said...

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