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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Where Are The Serious Liberals?

From Andrew "Skip" March:

So I'm listening to Senator Chris Dodd on IMUS. He is telling us that things are going pretty well in IRAQ with the recent vote on the Constitution and that we ought to start getting our troops out of there. There are only a few thousand insurgents and that doesn't justify our present troop presence.

Wasn't it not to long ago, like a few months ago, according to Democratic Party leadership that:
-The insurgents are winning
-IRAQ is a failure
-We don't have enough troops to fight the insurgents

As I listen further to Senator Dodd, he comments that the Iraqi's may not be able to handle the security situation and there fore we need to get out quickly, like start after the first of the year. I am trying to follow the logic here and there is none!

Whoops, he just said that the Bush Administration lied about Iraq...it doesn't stop does it.

Neal Phenes responds:

We keep looking for a coherent, logical argument from the opposition to the President. Besides hearing claims against conservatives/Bush/Republicans about lies (believed and developed by many throughout the world), morasses (that keep moving towards Constitutional democracy), corruption (that ends up much less than the hoped-for next Watergate), fiscal irresponsibility (with no offer of spending cuts except where securiy may be weakened), tax cuts for the rich (ignoring the prionciples of supply-side economics), lack of care for American workers (as free trade increases our growth and job creation).

Where is there a thinker among the opposition to Bush?

As Herman Cain writes, all we get is EDR.

Extreme deceptive rhetoric (EDR) is a tactic often employed by well known liberals to grab headlines and applause lines. Liberals enjoy speaking in EDR because speaking the truth about the issues and their positions usually causes them to lose support. EDR makes logical, grown-up debate on the issues impossible, which is exactly the liberals’ intent. This type of rhetoric promotes racial tension, class warfare and a public uneducated in basic economic literacy. Sadly, many of these stupid and inflammatory statements are not being made by stupid people.

In the past there was pro-liberal bias in the MSM but, according to Tony Blankley, there was some substance to their reports. He writes:

Oh, for the good old days. Then, at least the media cared about the substance of our proposals -- even if they lied about them. (Of course they also calumniated the personalities of conservative leaders, but that was only part of the coverage. We should have been grateful.)

Today, big media has lost interest in policy substance almost altogether. Analyses of major policy announcements are viewed, almost exclusively, through the prism of polling numbers.

And even in the face of the Dan Rather humiliation, the MSM fetes him for some kind of "courage" in pursuiing stories with fabricated documents. Oh, but the truth of the story is present even if there is no proof, right? Brent Bozell writes:

One year after the credibility of CBS News collapsed over their use of fake memos against George W. Bush, lame attempts to rehabilitate CBS seem to be everywhere. Dan Rather is now telling anyone who will listen that after defending the report, then apologizing for it, he now thinks it's true again. Al Gore is suggesting Rather was demoted because the all-powerful White House was angry. At a ceremony for the news and documentary Emmy awards, ABC's Ted Koppel and MSNBC boss Rick Kaplan scrambled like the King's men reassembling Humpty Dumpty. But the eggy mess remains.

Where are the serious thinkers and writers?

Skip adds:

......The Democratic Party is now reviving the lies and fabrications of the Bush Administration about reasons for going into Iraq........now that democracy and other geo-political success have been achieved and can't argue that it has been a failure. Frank Rich was on shortly after and using the same talking points that Dodd was using. I now watch IMUS to keep track of Dem Party talking points and, by he way, fabrications.

...and then he went off on Rove and Libby without an ounce of factual info.


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