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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Acting Against Terror Was The Right Strategy

Sitting back and doing nothing was no option. Unfortunately, the "do nothing" position had been tried and failed, causing an otiose America to deal with a 9-11. After that, I chose to support leaders who would pursue our enemies rather than continue a talk and wait strategy.

At this point we have attacked and seriously injured Al Qaeda's ability to commit terrorist acts in the US. We have reduced their strength to the point that their ability to install a Taliban-like dictatorship anywhere is unlikely. Bin Laden and Zarqawi are on the run (and maybe dead) with a depleted corps of leaders. Splinter cells have been in place for years and appear to be the only option for worldwide terror. Even the Europeans have awoken from their slumber to locate and imprison and deport terrorist threats in their countries.

Now, let's think about where we would be if we never pursued terrorists the past 4 years. Saddam and Bin Laden would have stronger positions, greater technological weaponry and more soldiers to apply wherever they desired. No doubt their world-domination goals would be unslaked. The type of war that would come would be more brutal and bloody.

Is there any question that the criminal justice approach to combating terror would have done little to protect us in the US? Would there have been additional 9-11s? I think so.

So, I am thankful that the Americans interested in their preservation twice elected a man as president who ignored popularity polls and was not enamored with pacifism's romance with a fictional world of cherry blossoms and fellowship.

It would be nice to imagine a world of peace. First we would have to imagine that history never took place and that man is intrinsically good. For those of us willing to sacrifice to face life's challenges, this war against terrorism was necessary. It has saved thousands of young Americans from fighting a larger, better armed enemy. It has saved American cities from severe damage, perhaps even nuclear.

It is to these clear-minded Americans that I give thanks on this Thanksgiving. Keep on fighting for your children and the future of a free America.


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