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Friday, November 18, 2005

Closer To The Vietnam Comparison For All The Wrong Reasons

In Iraq there are millions of citizens volunteering to vote under extremely dangerous circumstances, it is clear that the internal enemies are either outsiders or formers Baathist torturers that have lost power, there is a Constitution drafted by Iraqis of supposed intractible differences that stands for more individual liberty than war critics in America would likely approve if we had a new constitution draft (based on their acceptance of activist judges who alter the original intent of our Constitution), Iraqis are becoming more experienced in defending and policing themselves and the governmental and cultural turmoil of the Middle East is somehow showing there is a voice of those who want freedom in countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

The din of the liberal press and the Democrat party is giving the enemy courage to keep the fight going a little longer. It is also hurting troop morale. Writes Oliver North:

This sudden loss of assurance in our fighting forces has nothing to do with casualty figures, troop levels, the leaders prosecuting the war in the field or new acts of terror by a ruthless enemy. Rather, the anxieties I'm now hearing from those I have covered in combat come in questions like: "Do you think that they are going to pull us out before we've finished the mission?" and "Will we abandon Iraq like we abandoned Vietnam?" Interestingly, not one of the thousands of young Americans I have covered in Iraq or Afghanistan has ever asked about or commented upon pre-war intelligence.

For more than two years the so-called mainstream media, the far left and some in Congress have been making trite comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq. Having spent a significant amount of time in both conflicts, about the only parallels I have seen in the two wars have been that bullets still wound and kill, and spilled blood is still red. But another common thread now ties the two hostilities together -- political cowardice in Washington, D.C.

At least when we left Vietnam, there had been a Tet offensive. Of course, the American media got that wrong as the Tet Offensive was a catastrophe for the North Vietnamese, General Giap admits in his memoirs. The cut and run espoused mostly by Democrats and the MSM shows either crass politics or global ignorance. Or is it cowardice?


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