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Friday, November 18, 2005

Closer To The Vietnam Comparison For All The Wrong Reasons Part II

Evo Riguzzi adds to the commentary below:

There is absolute linkage between Viet Nam and Iraq and its called politics.

The Viet Nam war could well have been won had politics and politicians let the military succeed. Not that the military was problem free. When Lyndon Johnson stated he controlled B-52s to determine which outhouse could be bombed, the military ceded its professionalism.

Now again we see politicians pulling the will away from the fight. How silly a statement by Congressman Murtha yesterday especially for a veteran of Viet Nam. He surely must have lost his compass on what caused our loss in Viet Nam. It was the loss of the public will. He knows that the enemy follows CNN along with our service members. These statements do not show support for our servicemen and women and their respective families. By contrast, President Bush’s statements on Veterans Day were appropriate and I as a Veteran welcomed them. I was not insulted as reported by CNN or Senator Kennedy.

The recent resolution by the Senate to have the President report quarterly on the war’s progress is all show and no go. I guess these Senators haven’t been reading their inbox – all military units since almost the civil war (an exaggeration) have quarterly reported their fitness for combat with details as to what impacts them. Taking bullets and having vehicles destroyed impacts them. The Pentagon has a presence on the hill daily and briefings to the Armed Services Committees are constant and on going. More politics and positioning and not for the American people but for the American press.

Thank goodness these anti military support politicians were not around 65 years ago – we would all be bilingual, German and Japanese. How can any country believe us when we offer support. What a poor standard – it almost models the United Nations.

How popular was Abraham Lincoln in 1863? Mr. Lincoln’s resolve saved us from a disaster. Resolve and courage are needed by our politicians. Iraq is about to hold its third election in one year and someone considers the war a failure. More Iraqi units are coming on line and we have a failure? Iraq is a democracy and we have a failure?

It’s a good thing Al Qaeda members cannot say BOO for our politicians wouldn’t have room to cower.

And my final slap at some of these idiots, should we accept the French model? Let rampant riots run our country for weeks while we pine away at what to do and, oh, what a surprise.

Pardon my ranting, I’ve just about lost it.


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Neal.

God Bless you & Evo.

Why don't "they" get it. In my lifetime it seems we're always fighting two enemies, the one on the battlefield and the far left liberal media who gets all the air time (from Cronkite to Koppel).

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Skip March said...

I particularly noted Evo's reference to President Lincoln. Even into 1865 (before his death) Lincoln had to deal with significant challenges to his leadership. It was his single mindedness (not simpleminded) in preserving the Union that ensured success. There were many in the North that would have been glad to cut a deal with the Confederacy or give up entirely. Certainly the 1864 election was a contentious one....the attacks on Lincoln were brutally personal. I have often thought of President Bush in Lincolnesque terms as I have witnessed his courage along with the hollow attacks of many of his critics.

At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There comes a time when a leader must choose between what he knows is right and what he knows is popular.

A great leader chooses what he knows is right!


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