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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Forcing Others To Live In Poverty

Could people who game data be doing it for their personal political reasons? The outlawing of DDT by environmentalists has caused millions of deaths a year since their successful campaign 2 generations ago. Today Africans lack electricity leading to deaths caused by unrefridgerated foods. They lack access to potable water. They burn dund or wood for home heating.

This is ignored by the environmentalists who roadblock any development for the sake of their own idea of a pristine lifestyle.

Writes Roy Spencer at TCS:

The whole DDT issue is a good example of stupid environmental policy. Insiders say the de facto ban on DDT was the result of politics, not of overriding human health and environmental concerns. Threats of trade bans on countries that dare to use DDT, one of the safest and most effective insecticides available, have contributed to over one million malaria-related deaths each year in Africa. Literally hundreds of millions of people contract the disease each year. While the knee-jerk hostility to DDT is now increasingly being realized to be bad policy (the reinstitution of DDT use in South Africa has reduced malaria deaths there by about 95%), it is but one example of how disinformation spread by well-meaning environmentalists lead to massive human suffering.

Well-meaning and ignorant? Or worse.

Just recently throughout Florida, Louisianna and Mississippi (and parts of NJ), Americans experienced a few weeks without power. Multiply that by many lifetimes. The people who force such primitivism force polticians worldwide to continue such suffering. Maybe these Africans should be allowed to choose their lifestyles.

Picture our friendly environmentalists at night. They sit in their dens after a great day of denying others the modern medical, technological and energy in order to live a better life. They turn down the lights, play their favorite CD, take a sip of their Merlot and think about whose lives they can dictate tomorrow. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

PS: In a documentary Bill Russell (Celtics great) explained to Samuel Jackson that when he grew up his family was not "poor". They were "broke". It was always thought of as a temporary thing. For these Africans, it would be temporary as well. If we allow it to be.


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