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Monday, November 07, 2005

Vandalizing Coulter

I visited my local used book store last frriday at lunchtime. There were 7 teenagers (maybe juniors in high school) on the porch where there are stacks and shelves of books. I thought "What intelligent young people these are to be rummaging at a book store on such a beautiful day".

I stepped in and began looking through the section where they keep are newly acquired hard covers. I noted there was Ann Coulter's "Slander". Just then a young girl called to her her male friend near the back door that a Coulter book was there. He ran in from the back porch and picked it up and said. "I love her."

Then he was dismayed to see something on the cover. He said, "Look. Someone drew a beard and mustache on her face. That's terrible."

I had also seen the drawing on the cover. Then he told the girl that he already had that book but went back outside.

I was amazed that there were teenaged Coulter fans especially in very liberal Cranbury, NJ (obviously rebelling against his parents' ideology). I then remembered I had seen another Coulter book in one of the shelves. As the girl was slowly making her way to the back porch, I spotted the Coulter book "Treason" on another higher shelf.

I called to the girl that here was another Coulter book that her friend might like. She called him back in. I handed it to him. He handled it with care and a special glint in his eye.

Just then the woman who works at the store came running to our section of the store and said to us, "Let me see that book". I thought she wanted it to see if it had been priced yet or something. She looked at it and said, "Oh. I thought it was this one." She then grabbed the "vandalized" copy and proudly said, "I'm the one who drew the beard on the book's cover."

"Why would you do that", said the teenaged boy.

The woman laughed and said, "You should not read her books. She is a terrible person". Then she told the boy, jokingly(?), "I should slap your face."

He said, "You should not have done that to her face. I love her." I think he does.

A little later I saw he puchased that book, an Orwell book and a classic novel.

I thought, I'll take this kid as an ally.


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