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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dem Senator Says Dean Should Go To Iraq

Drudge has this headlined "Del. Senator: Dean Should Go To Iraq". The article says:

Sen. Tom Carper wishes politicians from both parties would visit Iraq before making pronouncements about U.S. policy in Iraq.

Then the article claims this Democrat senator said any visitor:

is not going to come back thinking this thing is going to be won militarily. It's not.

Okay. But, then he says:

[H]e backs a policy of gradual withdrawal of U.S. forces as Iraqis take over military and political operations in their country.

Is that counter to what President Bush has said about withdrawal or even the likelihood that military acts alone will change the Iraqi's world? The military acts have overthrown a dictator, defended against terrorists and helped Iraqis to mold their own choice of government form. No one is saying we should remain there at this level of military presence in perpetuity. Any suggestion to that end is nonsense.

Maybe Dean should go to Iraq and negotiate with Zarqawi directly. Now that would be a real scream.


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