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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Epithets Over Reasoned Argument

Dennis Prager was just smeared as an "Uncle Jake", the Jewish equivalent to "Uncle Tom". Once again we see the left unable to render intellectual argument to a subject in which they disagree with another. So they degrade the discussion to name-calling. Prager defends himself from the charge of being un-Jewish or whatever the claim may be.

Apparently, a Jew cannot hold conservative views and still be "authentically" Jewish. He writes in "Jews Who Support Christian Right":

If you think most abortions are immoral; that a lower tax rate is better for society, including the poor; that the problem of poverty in America will not be solved by the government spending trillions more; that marriage should not be redefined; that a race-blind society is a finer society and that race-based affirmative action hurts both the recipients of the lowered standards and the society at large; that we desperately need the oil from a small percentage of the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve because doing so will help us rely less on Saudi oil and won't hurt any caribou; and think that, in retrospect, the feminist movement (as distinct from the belief in man-woman equality, which every religious conservative I know holds) hurt more men and women than it helped -- you are anti-Jewish.

Prager reviews the blacks called "Uncle Toms". They are the All-Star team of black commentary:

Blacks and whites who smear black conservatives such as Thomas Sowell, John McWhorter, Larry Elder, Walter Williams, and Ward Connerly as "Uncle Toms" do so because they cannot, or wish not, to engage them in intellectual argument. It's far easier to libel them than to debate them.

As usual, the critics look at motives. But the true measure of a person in the Jewish view is to judge by the ethical actions of people. On that issue, Prager succeeds. Do the smearers?


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a liberal in Koch/Lieberman mode, and have always appreciated the insights and thoughtfulness of Dennis Prager once I discovered him. Notwithstanding differences, I find him constructively provocative. I'd be happy nto share Christmas Eve or Day with him as I hope he'd be happy to include me in a seder. Or go to a baseball game with me. I was surprised to learn he actively belongs to a Reform Temple. Guess that's like my continuing to be a registered Democrat. Bill

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