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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Hearts and Minds of Americans

The MSM has been anti-war from the outset, largely informed by the press’ golden years of the late 60’s when they ended the Vietnam War.

The attempt to relive the glory days has included many attempts at showing parallels between Vietnam and Iraq. Such comparisons fail.

As Michael Barone explains, the Iraq war has been one of steady progress. He writes:

[M]any Americans don't have a clear understanding of that strategy or what has been happening in Iraq. One reason is that adversarial mainstream media have insisted on viewing Iraq through the prism of Vietnam and seeing nothing but endless, pointless slaughter.

In fact, as influential blogger Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit.com) points out, Iraq is a reverse Vietnam. The vast majority of Iraqis wants us to succeed and is confident things are getting better; as Sen. Joseph Lieberman put it, this is a fight between 27 million Iraqis and 10,000 terrorists. U.S. military personnel on the ground are buoyant about the progress they've seen, and re-enlistment rates have regularly exceeded quotas.

While the hearts and the minds of the Iraqis have largely been won over, though there is expected anxiousness to assume complete autonomy, the US press has been pursuing the American mind strenuously. The leader of the anti-war pack in the LA Times. While first paging any negative news, the LAT carried the killing of the 3rd ranking Al Qaeda member inside the paper.

Writes David Horowitz:

No sooner had the Times story about the killing of Al-Qaeda's number 3 covered the details of the event, moreover, than its writers sought to diminish the significance of that event. "[Unamed] experts cautioned that the killing was likely to have a limited effect because Al Qaeda is less a hierarchchical organization and more a movement that can carry out missions without directions from top leaders." Oh, like 9/11.

This is a great point by Horowitz.

The continued destruction of the Al Qaeda leadership can only be harming the terrorist threat. Only the control and planning of its leaders could pull off a 9-11. Now, there are leaders shuffling from cave to cave in Afghanistan or being knocked out in hamlets in Iraq. Only suicide and car bombers are left. There will be fewer of those after the 12/15/05 elections in Iraq. The converse of the famous boxing strategy works: Like the Israelis- knock out the head so the body will fall.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least three of Fox News's regular military experts were similarly dismissive about the import of the #3 man's being killed. Same rationale offered re decentralization and the like.

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