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Friday, December 09, 2005

Kerry: The Long Run from Iraq

I like Jim Taranto's suggestion on WSJ that Bush buy TV time to play JF Kerry speeches for the American public to see what they could have had as president. Kerry is reported to have said in a speech yesterday, per attendee Ira Stoll of the NY Sun:

He said that holding detainees "indefinitely in a legal no-man's land" was eroding America's "moral authority" in the war on terror. He called for "an international order of mutual respect and cooperation," a "global consensus." ...

In the question and answer session, Mr. Kerry went further, declaring himself "very optimistic" about the prospect of negotiation with Iran, predicting that China is going to be "the preeminent economy of this century," and warning that Greenland's ice shelf is melting, with "devastating consequences" for New York, Boston, and Florida.

Of course, Hillary can also employ this strategy of showing John Kerry speeches to guarantee her nomination.

Here are some snippets from Kerry's speech to the Council of Foreign Affairs:

In the long run -- and we're in this for the long run --the war on terror cannot be won without the successful transformation of the Greater Middle East, and especially its Arab core.

And our strategy must do what it takes to increase the internal demand for change in that region.

That means we are in a war of ideas and ideologies--but ultimately a war that must be fought and won within the Islamic world.

That means we have a huge stake in finding partners in the Arab world who are willing not only to support the transformation of the Middle East, but to reestablish the broad and unchallenged moral authority needed to isolate and defeat terrorists.

And ultimately, that means we must liberate ourselves and the Middle East itself from the tyranny of dependence on petroleum, which has frustrated every impulse towards modernization of the region, while giving its regimes the resources to hold onto power.

Somehow we are going to transform the Middle East without military and without trading with it. Absent purchasing their oil, what trade will there be with the region. Absent trade, what peaceful discussions can there be? Does he mean, our providing eternal foreign aid? Does that make Muslim countries self-sufficient? Or does he seek to impoverish the region in order to win over their hearts and minds?

Now, he is in the war on terror "for the long run". That is the long cut and run from Iraq since he voted for the war. I am sure the war if ideas will be stronger after the Muslims see us turn tail.


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