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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Remember this from a few years ago: "Arabs Don't Want Democracy"

From Mike Taylor on the WRONG (and I contend racist) comments from leading lights of the liberal side of the debate:

“You cannot force democracy on (the Iraq) people…”

Google tells me there was:
One Nobel Laureate (Shirin Ebadi, the first female judge in Iran),

An Australian commentator (Gary Brown),

The Jordanian Foreign Minister (Muasher… who’s he?),

Some Labour party members in the UK,

The brilliant Teddy Kennedy (although he was criticizing linking the Iraq democracy timetable to the US election timetable),

US Representative Ron Paul (again, who?) claimed that over 1,000 years of despotic regimes in Iraq made democracy impossible,

Paul Craig Roberts said “Bush's Iraq policy is based on lies, and force based on lies cannot bring democracy to Iraq or to any other country.” (And he said this in June of 2005… to quote Bugs Bunny “what a maroon!”),

Howard Dean (‘nuff said… you can achieve the correct position on anything by listening to Howard Dean and then doing the exact opposite),

Democracyrising.us… a moonbat web site that’s certain we’re creating an imperialist state in Iraq (By allowing Iraqis to vote for other Iraqis? Man, we must be the most clueless imperialists in the history of the planet! You’d think we’d have learned from our mistakes in failing to establish our empire in Japan, Germany, France, Korea, Italy and Puerto Rico… but I guess we’re just hopeless as imperialists! At least we have Hawaii and Alaska. )

George Galloway says that the elections in Iraq are “… a farce. They’re rigged”. (See comments attached to Howard Dean.)

Jonathan Schell (again, who?) wrote in The Nation: “The more the United States tries to force what it insists on calling democracy on Iraq, the more the people of Iraq will hate the United States.”

There must be more… and they were all wrong all the time. Someday cook up a lot of crows for these idiots to feast on.

-- MTT

And regarding their grasp of science, is the globe warming or freezing? Or is that irrelevant so long as we do not get too wealthy as compared to the command economies of the world?


At 8:46 AM, Blogger Umar Lee said...

So I don’t get it...are Muslims demon-possessed backwards murderers or soldiers fighting for democracy? The rhetoric of the right-wing confuses me. If the right hates Muslims then how does it suddenly view Iraqi Shia and Kurds as heroic?

At 3:05 PM, Blogger neal phenes said...

The right has never stated it hated Muslims. What an excessive understanding of political rhetoric. The right hates the Ilsamic terrorists and has shown remarkable faith in Muslims to husband a consitutional government. The right sees all peoples willing and able to be free in liberty. the opposite of liberty is espoused by the taliban and bib laden.


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