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Friday, November 11, 2005

Debating An Anti-Bush Diatribe

I received a column from liberal relatives written by Stephen Pizzo entitled It's a little long, but......Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush!!! I usually glance at these diatribes replete with name-calling and blanket accusations without comment. However, I decided to give it a thorough read and a response so that family members, maybe even just one, will consider that all of Pizzo's claims cannot just be accepted as truth without critical consideration. I include below my email response to the Pizzo column. Below my response is the complete Pizzo article.

I suppose this article is deemed a worthy review of Bush’s presidency and is an attempt to make reasonable arguments against his public policy and his administration. I have merely scanned the piece and amidst the general name-calling and generalizations, I glean the following issues discussed:

Accusations are made against Bush personally and his administration regarding the Plame outing. That is currently being tried in a court of law and I know much less than the prosecutor and this writer to credibly comment. Suffice it to say the prosecutor fired his weapon and bagged Libby. Other indictments are unlikely but who knows. Maybe one of the readers here can advise me.

Aspersions are made about his intelligence. Just like I am tall compared to the average man but short compared to NBA standards, a rational assessment of Bush's intelligence (or lack thereof) and its connection to whether his policies have been a success or not loses me. While irrelevant to any policy issues in the public forum, Bush’s supposed lack of intelligence requires some supporting documentation. While calling him “ignorant” or “twitching dope of man” may satisfy some of the readers, it bears no probity regarding the policies we need to assess and decide as citizens are worthy or not. Not having spent time with Bush at all, I will grant his Ivy League credentials as indicative of a reasonable level of intelligence. Anyone here know his IQ?

Bush came from wealth. What an accusation! People either come from wealth like Bush and Kennedy, marry into it like John Kerry (and not me) or earn it like John Edwards who made millions in retainers bringing medically unsound cases to trial (our tort system’s faults I would love to debate with any of you). Given the ability in America to jump from one income quintile to another based upon work ethic, education and opportunity, to begrudge anyone’s wealth is very shallow.

The claim that he is a “ Charlie McCarthy” belies the claims that he is a “Hitler” another favorite of his detractors. Hitler was not a puppet so adherents to this nickname certainly should discard it for consistency and logic’s sake.

The only attempt at public policy analysis is in the middle of the article where there are references to the Bush tax cuts, proposal to drill in ANWAR, something about Iraqi oil fields and open immigration (one thing I am certainly against). On these issues they are merely mentioned without explanation of the harm or benefits of such policy. Maybe one of the readers can explain the harm done by the tax cuts. More so, I dare you to explain how they have been harmful to the economy.

Then there is the reference to the elimination of the death tax. It is hard to follow whether the writer considers this good or bad economic policy. I offer that it is exceptional public policy along with privatization of social security. Any takers to debate those issues?

Name-calling may be emotionally satisfying but it fails as tools of communication. Likewise, I defer to the psychiatrists and to God to know the true motivations of humans in their actions. I can only judge the actions and try to assess whether they are a benefit or a harm, as respects a President, to the country. Frankly, Pizzo’s editorial is sophomoric. Is that really all you’ve got?

I have copied the article below in case any of you need to reflect on the original source of my comments. I also plan on distributing it to my bi-partisan Think Tank for further debate.

Neal Phenes

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush!!!

By Stephen Pizzo, News for RealPosted on October 27, 2005, Printed on October 28, 2005

For three more years America is going to be led by not just a lame duck president, but a totally discredited president.

In a poll conducted Oct 21-23, 90 percent of those asked said they believed top Bush administration officials are guilty of either illegal or unethical behavior in the CIA leak case.
So where does that leave an un-indicted George W. Bush? There really are only two explanations, and neither reflect well on him. First, he can claim his closest aides conspired behind his back while he was otherwise occupied. I call that the "Exxon Valdez Defense" -- the captain was not at the helm when a careless crewman ran the ship of state aground. Unfortunately for Captain Bush, that defense did not wash for the real captain of the ill-fated tanker. Because, you see, the captain is always responsible.

The other explanation is worse: that the President of the United States knew what was going on, maybe even participated in it.

Either way, Bush is finished as a force in American politics. How he ever got to become president in the first place -- not once, but twice -- will remain a subject social scientists will study and debate for decades to come. Because there was plenty of evidence that George W. Bush was a made man. He had accomplished nothing in his adult life on his own -- not one thing.

Of course, for those of us who have covered the Bush family for years, it's no mystery at all. The best way to think of George W. Bush is as a beard for others. At every step in his career, individuals of wealth or power groomed him, and then used him as their front man.

These benefactors had learned long ago that there was more money and more power to be had in the shadows than in the limelight. All they needed was the right person to front for them -- someone with a name, a smile, a confident swagger. Vision, dreams, hopes and ethics were not only unnecessary, but liabilities in a beard. All they needed was a person they could program, wind up and send out into the public spotlight and deliver for them.

That's George W. Bush. He fit the bill to a T. Texas oil men -- and companies with international agendas and voracious appetites for government contracts -- had found their perfect front man in GW: a kind of Forrest Gump from the Dark Side. A man ignorant and proud of it, and willing to take direction from those he considered friends.

They began by nurturing Bush's pathetic efforts to become a high-rolling Texas oil man. Though his companies failed, they made sure he never did. Then they were able to further his ascendancy by indulging his playful side, buying him his own baseball team -- a Texas baseball team. That raised Bush's public profile to just a notch below their ultimate goal: public office.

Fully groomed and programmed, they finally steered Bush towards the goal. And it worked, probably beyond their wildest expectations. As governor of Texas, their beard kept state regulators out of their hair on dollar and cents issues critical to the oil drilling and processing industries, like air quality. That alone would have been sufficient payoff for their years of cleaning up Bush's business messes.

Bagging the United States presidency was an unexpected super-bonus. Still, they knew it was a development ripe with as much danger as opportunity. After all, they knew the real George W. Bush. There was no way they could send that hayseed off to the Big Show unattended. Dick Cheney and Karl Rove were tasked with keeping their idiot prince both on message and on a short leash. God forbid he should ever make a speech, take a position, or make a decision on his own.

All went very well for the first four years. From day one, their boy delivered, delivered and delivered again. He was a gift that just kept giving:

$1.6 trillion in tax cuts, the bulk of which went to people like them;
Environmental laws watered down; expanded logging allowed in national forests
A push to open protected Alaska wilderness to oil and gas drilling;
Iraqi oil fields suddenly within reach;
Plenty of cheap labor flooding across our southern border.

And just as it looked as if he was on the way to fulfilling another assignment -- the elimination of the estate tax -- his beard fell off. It was the thing they had always feared most: the real George W. Bush went public. There it was, for the whole world to see: a chuckling, twitching dope of man standing in front of the American people, unleashed and unscripted. Worse yet, he was making his own decisions. He chose his friend and admirer, Harriet Miers, for the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

What went wrong? Where were his handlers? Busy. They dropped Bush's leash when handed subpoenas. Junior was unleashed and home alone.

It's a moment new to America -- a leader who needs to be led, and now unled. And the world is watching. It's as if the police had come and dragged Edgar Bergin offstage in the middle of a show, leaving Charlie McCarthy, wide-eyed, mouth agape and slumped alone on his stool.

So, what now?

Stephen Pizzo is the author of numerous books, including "Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans," which was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Liberal Cliche: Everything Has A Sinister Motivation

From Skip March:

I am listening to Tom Oliphant of the Boston Globe comment on Condoleeza Rice's trip to Iraq. He maintains that Secretary Rice is there because things are spinning out of control politically with sectarian division. He also suggests a sinister connection to Ahmad Chalabi's visit to the US. He then goes on to confess that he is not an expert on Iraqi politics....an important disclaimer in the event that he is way off base in his analysis.

Coming from the city in which Faneuil Hall, the "Cradle of Liberty" presides, one would think that he would have some perspective on how most of Europe as well as many in America predicted that this country in its infancy would collapse under sectarian division. You would also think that he would appreciate the courage and perseverance of those who refused to succumb to pessimism and fatalistic predictions.

Of course, Secretary Rice is in Iraq to shore up the democratic process. Of course, there are sectarian divisions. And of course, we could leave Iraq and the Middle East to those who settle sectarian division with weapons of mass destruction, torture and death camps. Or we could continue to transform the Middle East. Sounds like a matter of choice to me.


Where Will The French Find Enough Frenchmen

I do not see France being able to surmount its problems in any long-lasting way. For one, the ingrained socialism of their minds cannot recalibrate quick enough to deal with the life-threatening issues of the Muslim population there. Economically, they offer no potential growth so there will be no jobs to distract people from their "petit" philosophic ideas of redomination. Add in their pacifism and there is no drive to fight back against an insanely motivated enemy. The last in-grained philosophy is secularism where traditions of family have been replaced with hedonism facilitated by birth control technologies. French white birth-rates are in a negative fall.

Writes Victor Hanson:

Families of four or five are dismissed as something for the less educated, the parochial or the pious who have the time to waste changing diapers and nursing. In contrast, the new childless European citizen is otherwise too engaged in travel, fine food, global moralizing and intellectual pursuit.

The biggest problem is mere numbers. I may be off a percentage or two but if you subtract the over 50-year old white Frenchmen from the population, the trend is moving towards parity between the remaining French whites and the Muslims. At that point, if the Muslims really want to take over in France, who will be there to fight back. It makes the Israeli logic in opposing the Palestinian so-called "right of return" so persuasive.

The inevitability of a non-French France is captured by this story told by Daniel Henninger in the WSJ today:

A Frenchman who lives in New York described how he has been remodeling a large estate home in central France. He flies back constantly to supervise the never-ending project because he can't find local French willing to work on it, and because those who work do so poorly. Why bother? "It's an investment," he says. Come again? "This house is going to make a lot of money for me," the Frenchman says, "when France arrives at its inevitable destination as mainly a vacation land for Chinese tourists."

I do not think this was a joke.

Swaying Liberals On The Harm Of Price Control With Logic Of Free Market

My free market harangues along with real life examples of what I have been professing has led 2 liberal friends to either begin their self-education into Economics (one purchased a subscription to The Economist magazine) and the other admitted that he agrees with me on the grand-standing of Congress on the oil profits (he took the major step of admitting the rule of supply and demand is immutable). Both of these guys are in their 50's and have shown remarkable open-minds given their ages and lifetimes of liberal-leftist sentiments. I can allow them to hate Bush so long as they stop messing with the free market.

Here is my e-mail to them. I threw in 3 more economic principles for them to ponder. I attached the essay by Thomas diLorenzo on the 4,000 year history of price controls resulting in economic ruin in order to avoid any back-sliding in their thinking.

Now that I have you on board with price controls creating scarcity (see DiLorenzo’s article below in case you are wavering), we have to work on the related principles that:
1. High marginal taxes destroy capital investment and jobs;
2. Minimum Wage destroys opportunity for low or no skilled workers from entry into the job market (think of price controls of wages creating job scarcity);
3. Government regulation and control results in destruction of the thing it is supposed to protect because there is no personal stake in the venture by the bureaucrat other than preservation of their jobs.

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives. Who brings their rental car to the car wash prior to returning it?

This stuff has nothing to do with party affiliation except that one party at least mouths, and sometimes follows, such principles. These are immutable, in my mind, principles of cause and effect. The 3 examples cites above have happened throughout history all over the world.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

New French Slogan

The new French slogan:

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Halal Meats.

Thanks to the Canuck for that one!

New London Slaps The Democrats On Eminent Domain

The Democrats did lose somewhere this past election. In New London, Ct., home of the Kelo eminent domain controversy. Independents from "One New London" captured 2 of the 7 seats on the City Council. The Democrat majority has decreased from 3 to one there. They ran on lower taxes and the eminent domain issue.

The New London Development Corp., the entity that has spear-headed the development project at the Fort Trumbull peninsula that included the use of eminent domain, has lost 2 supporters on the City Council now replaced by 2 opponents of their project.

All was not gloomy on Tuesday night.

CBS' Poltergeist

Realizing that they have not sunk low enough (in the ratings and in the opinion of the American people), CBS has Dan Rather returning to 60 Minutes.

Rather is doing a segment on Jim Cramer of CNBC's "Mad Money". Rather plans to spring on Cramer pictures showing that he and Larry Kudlow never wore pants behind the desks on the set of their old show, Kudlow and Cramer. Rather knows they are authentic because Mary Mapes took the photos. It allegedly occurred when the market was going down. How she wound up under the desk is a whole other story.

Winning the Heart and Minds?

From Skip March on the effects of the Al Qaeda bombing in Jordan:

"Death to Zarqawi....burn in hell Zarqawi" as Jordanians demonstrate in the streets. Another sign that the terrorists are winning the hearts and minds of the people, eh Teddy??

Succinct, Skip.

3 Year Old Marathoner

In India there is a 3-year-old boy who runs marathons. Actually, he has run 33 miles in 6 and 1/2 hours! Read this BBC report. Could it be true?

This link was provided by Bill Suda.

Bush Meets With Dalai Lama

President Bush bucked China's protest (just before he goes there in a week) and met with the Dalai Lama yesterday for the 3rd time. Bush sure seems to be interested in this human rights thing especially since reading Natan Sharansky . Bush has said, "If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy read Natan Sharansky's book, The Case for Democracy". This new Hitler is going about building his dictatorship in a strange way. Must be Rove's doing.

The Dalai Lama told him: "Gunga Galunga. Which means: On your death bed you will receive total consciousness". So he has that going for him. Which is nice.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tony Blair Is Stopped By Politics

British PM Tony Blair tried to take the serious steps necessary to protect Britain from terrorists. His bill to allow police to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without charging them was defeated by Parliament. Blair says he hopes not to "rue the day". The wait may not be long on that one.

Does this sound like people playing politics when security measures should be taken?

For the Conservatives, Mr Howard said the vote had "so diminished" Mr Blair's authority that he should quit. And Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy said Mr Blair would be seen as a "lame duck" leader...

Blair seems to be playing in "Churchill: The Remake".

Said Blair:

"We are not living in a police state but we are living in a country that faces a real and serious threat of terrorism."

Should he step down, I hope he is not called back to save the country like Winston had to. Have we been seeing something like this around here the past few years?

Roe and the Commerce Clause

Alito is about to be skewered for not favoring judicial precedent enough. The recent ruling on Raich (that upheld federal power to enforce anti-drug laws) should make anyone fear a Court that does not take a strict view of the powers of government as stated in the Constitution and as intended by the framers. Pro-choice, pro-Roe fans should fear a justice that would blindly follow precedent and does not uphold a strict reading of the Commerce clause.

As Jacob Sullum wrote:

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, purportedly grounded in Congress' power to "regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States," prohibits the abortion procedure known in the trade as "intact dilation and extraction." The law applies to "partial birth" abortions "in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce," which is boilerplate meant to encompass all uses of the forbidden method.

In July the U.S. Court of Appeal for the 8th Circuit ruled that the ban is inconsistent with Roe v. Wade because it does not include an exception for abortions deemed necessary to protect the mother's health. But even in the absence of Roe v. Wade, the law would be unconstitutional because Congress has no authority to regulate abortion, a power the Constitution reserves to the states.

Prior to Roe the various states had varying statutes regarding abortion. Public opinion in almost all of the 50 states shows people would allow some form of abortion in different degrees. Obviously, a New Jersey or New York would have greater services and broader choices than a more conservative state would.

Writes Sullum:

Since most voters do not want the government to ban or severely restrict abortion, most state legislatures would not choose to do so in the wake of Roe v. Wade's reversal, although some might. Regulations would vary from state to state, and abortion policy would become another factor in the competition between states for residents and tax dollars. Instead of conforming to a single, nationwide policy, people could vote with their feet for the approach they liked best.

That is how things stood prior to Roe. That is the American structure that allows for experimentation and public discourse in the legislative process. The only way Congress could decide things that are not truly of inter-state commerce should be a through the difficult process of ratifying a constitutional amendment. Partisans are always looking for the easy way out. It winds up being more damaging in the long run.

Following the original intent of the constitutional framework has nothing to do with the framers not anticipating new technologies. It is a framework of a system of government that recognizes the sovereignty of individuals and their local decisions. Activist judges merely substitute their opinions on policy for those of the People. It is wrong and unconstitutional.

The French Flag

Mike Taylor loves France, the French, their less than manly response to the Muslim riots and brie but had to send this in because I forced him to:

The Frence flag has three panels, one red, one white, and one blue. Both the red and blue are attached with velcro in case of a conflict.

Thanks, Mike.

The Map Said Go Left!!!! Destroying A Coral Reef

They had to destroy a coral reef in order to save it. Greenpeace has been fined for running a ship aground and damaging a reef in the Phillipines. They were investigating the possible damaging effects of global warming's effects and had the accident.

Greenpeace agreed to pay the fine, but blamed the accident on outdated maps provided by the Philippines government.

Maybe they should investigate "Breasts Not Bombs" for true environmental damage- to our eyes!

Breasts Not Bombs: Gravity is Unkind

I do not see the connection between the local/state issues of a gubernatorial race or referendum and national politics. But apparently the "rah rah" section of the Democratic Party, the MSM, is claiming the elections last night point to a change in the public's opinion towards Republicans and hurts their chances in the next presidential election. That all waits to be seen. Last I can recall, Mario Cuomo (former governor of NY) did not win the Cold War.

So I am confused about the protest against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The specific protesters were from "Breasts Not Bombs". Apparently, they are anti-war.

I found this set of pictures from the protest and I apologize if it offends anyone. This group is not from the cast of "Hair" though they may have attended the original show-40 years ago. Hint: Also shown is the group "Dicks Not Death".

Just Do Nothing!!!

The economic ignorance of American citizens allows politicians to put on demagogic shows that harm those very citizens. Yet, they will cheer those politicians on. "Just do something" they yell. And the politicians do just that.

"It's cold. Just do something". So I burn the house down?

The latest "do something" is the politicians are looking into the high gasoline prices and the "windfall profits" earned by the oil companies.
"They are unhappy with the behavior of the oil companies," said GOP pollster David Winston, who advises GOP congressional leaders. "These are free market guys. They believe the market works. But in this case they are concerned that the consumer was clearly taken advantage of ... and they're pretty angry about it."

Let's hope they do nothing about it. Let's learn one thing today: Profits, even "supernormal profits" are good things. Sounds like Gordon Gecco?

Walter Williams provides a simple to understand and remember example of the benefits of profits:

Suppose there's a disaster wiping out food resources in Harrisburg, Pa., and I live in Philadelphia. Prior to the disaster, bread prices in both cities were $2 a loaf. I buy a truckload of bread, cart it to Harrisburg and sell it for $20 a loaf, earning huge windfall profits. When the word gets out that there are profits to be made, what do you think happens? If you said other people will start carting bread to Harrisburg, bakers will start working overtime to produce more bread, people who formerly used their oven to bake cakes and pies will switch to baking bread, there'll be bread conservation in Philadelphia and elsewhere and eventually bread prices will start to fall in Harrisburg and windfall profits would vanish, go to the head of the class. While some might find people earning windfall profits objectionable, the result of their actions, getting more bread to Harrisburg, is precisely what's desired.

Simple? You have a choice to conserve, buy what you need in the "high" price period or do without and wait for the prices to come down (if they ever do). But, if you want the item to be produced, transported and retailed to an outlet near you, then resign yourself to the inevitable principle of supply and demand. Deny that principle at the risk of doing without.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

EU: Lower Approval Ratings Than Bush

You thought Bush's approval ratings were bad? Look at this:

CONFIDENCE in the European Union (EU) is in freefall across almost every member state, according to the EU’s own opinion poll. The pan-European survey, prepared for the European Commission, also reveals that only one-third of Britons see benefit in continued membership, the lowest in the 25 countries polled.

Trust in the Brussels commission, the executive branch of the EU, has plunged from 52% to 46% throughout the union. In Britain, the commission is trusted by 31% and distrusted by 38%.

But Euries are also angry at the US:

The 440-page Eurobarometer report offers several other insights on the EU, especially the growing hostility towards the United States, which a majority of 55% consider to be a “negative force” for peace. Only 25% consider it a “positive force”. Britain is found to be little different, with 47% seeing the US as a negative force, and only 23% disagreeing.

This is all before the jihad began. When will they call for Captain America? Or will they nuance the rioters into peace?

EU Riots- It's Gone Global

Rioting has spread into Germany and Belgium. Rioters are now burning schools in France. The warfare shows the "rioters" are armed and organized. The police have asked the French government to bring in the army. Mr. de Villepin ruled out bringing in the military, saying, "We have not reached that point."

Writes Thomas Sowell:

No one should have been shocked. There are people who will not stop until they get stopped -- and much of the media, the political classes, and the cultural elites of the West cannot bring themselves to even criticize, much less stop, the dangers or degeneracy among groups viewed sympathetically as underdogs.

Mark Steyn calls the riots "a rather shrewd and disciplined campaign". While this is a major story, my NYC local CBS morning news show barely covers it and still cannot identify the rioters except to call them "youths" for the 12th straight day.

The NYT in their report today used the term "Muslim" twice regarding websites that are preaching continuation of this war. The NYT report describes the riots as "civil unrest". They refer to the rioters as "largely of West African and North African origin where the unrest has grown." As if Henri and Jacques is among the "scum" as Sarkozy called them. And why are people leaving the NYT and MSM generally in droves?

Monday, November 07, 2005

NYT: Rioters Have No Common Religion

Today's NYT report on the riots in France did not use the word "Muslim" once. Rioters were described only as "North African and West African immigrants and their French-born children."

Vandalizing Coulter

I visited my local used book store last frriday at lunchtime. There were 7 teenagers (maybe juniors in high school) on the porch where there are stacks and shelves of books. I thought "What intelligent young people these are to be rummaging at a book store on such a beautiful day".

I stepped in and began looking through the section where they keep are newly acquired hard covers. I noted there was Ann Coulter's "Slander". Just then a young girl called to her her male friend near the back door that a Coulter book was there. He ran in from the back porch and picked it up and said. "I love her."

Then he was dismayed to see something on the cover. He said, "Look. Someone drew a beard and mustache on her face. That's terrible."

I had also seen the drawing on the cover. Then he told the girl that he already had that book but went back outside.

I was amazed that there were teenaged Coulter fans especially in very liberal Cranbury, NJ (obviously rebelling against his parents' ideology). I then remembered I had seen another Coulter book in one of the shelves. As the girl was slowly making her way to the back porch, I spotted the Coulter book "Treason" on another higher shelf.

I called to the girl that here was another Coulter book that her friend might like. She called him back in. I handed it to him. He handled it with care and a special glint in his eye.

Just then the woman who works at the store came running to our section of the store and said to us, "Let me see that book". I thought she wanted it to see if it had been priced yet or something. She looked at it and said, "Oh. I thought it was this one." She then grabbed the "vandalized" copy and proudly said, "I'm the one who drew the beard on the book's cover."

"Why would you do that", said the teenaged boy.

The woman laughed and said, "You should not read her books. She is a terrible person". Then she told the boy, jokingly(?), "I should slap your face."

He said, "You should not have done that to her face. I love her." I think he does.

A little later I saw he puchased that book, an Orwell book and a classic novel.

I thought, I'll take this kid as an ally.

French Rioters Trained In Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

Captains Quarters lay out how the Muslim uprising in France was expected since September, warnings were received and acted upon and thet are part of an organized effort with rioters (and their leaders) trained in the Middle East with the intention of having them initiate warfare within France.

Sarkozy said the risk of terrorist attack in France is "at a very high level... There are cells operating on our territory."

Writes Captain's Quarters:

The "riots' have sophisticated coordination between cell leaders, using the Internet and instant messaging as well as cell phones -- an odd tool for a spontaneous demonstration where one neighborhood would hardly have those phone numbers at the ready.
The Islamist connection might get ignored by the media now, but when it involved Iraq as a training base (as the Post article did), they had no hesitation in writing about it. One wonders why they have suddenly developed amnesia about it now.

We watched CBS morning news again and in their report on the French riots they still failed to identify who the rioters are. Is this reporting?

NYT's Che Pictures

Protesters of George Bush's trip to the economic summit in Mar del Plata, Argentina proudly displayed Che Guevara banners. When I saw it on the cover of the Sunday NYT, I did not think it was a picture for a news article. I thought the NYT had just changed its banner to try to increase circulation in Havana.

France Unemployment Rates

From Econopundit:


1960 1.5%
1970 2.5%
1980 6.5%
1990 8.6%
2000 9.1%
2004 9.8%

Now, we see their foreign policy, their economic policy, their constitution and their immigration policy are in shambles. The US only seems to be following their immigration policy. Is it time to change?

War In Europe Has Begun- Do They Know It?

Not only this blog predicted a brutal terror war in the streets of France. Mark Steyn admits his prediction of 2010 jihad was off by many years. He explains how the French anti-war position meant less about their view of Saddam and more about their fear of the Arab Street in Paris. He writes that when only the Jews in France were targeted, Chiraq and Company thought they were safe:

For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle. Unlike America's Europhiles, France's Arab street correctly identified Chirac's opposition to the Iraq war for what it was: a sign of weakness.

Meanwhile that British Prince recently complained about American mistreatment of the religion of Islam. As if that is the problem.

Jeff Jacoby comments:

Of course Islam should not be gratuitously insulted. But neither should it be sugar-coated or kowtowed to. Yet too many Western elites are unwilling to speak plainly about the problems within Islam itself, or to hold Muslim culture to what should be universal standards of decency and justice. Far from being "too confrontational" in their attitude toward Islam, they have been too indulgent and deferential, careful never to say anything that might be deemed insensitive.

Indulgence and deference is the strategy of Chiraq. His political opponent is Nicolas Sarkozy who branded the rioters "scum". Chiraq has chosen to pillory Sarkozy for such plain talk for its perceived political gain than face the rioting for what it is: a declaration of war by France's Muslim citizens against the country.

In the vain of Bush's political opponents here in America, Ciraq has called for "a spirit of dialogue and respect". AP reports:

Chirac said France was determined to promote "respect for all, justice and equal opportunities." Violence has been concentrated in poor suburbs with large immigrant populations.

The government is scurrying to meet with Muslim leaders:

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin met eight key ministers and the head of the Paris mosque, Dalil Boubakeur. After the meeting, Mr Boubakeur urged a change in tone from the government.

"What I want from the authorities, from Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, the prime minister and senior officials are words of peace," he said.

What he wants from auhorities? What is the word for "surrender" in French?

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