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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do You Stand For Anything?

Mark Reynolds writes about the Democrat actions/inactions during the Bush SOU speech this week:

Peggy Noonan wrote:"Exactly half the chamber repeatedly leapt to its feet to applaud this banality or that. The other half remained resolutely glued to its widely cushioned seats. It seemed a metaphor for the Democratic Party: We don't know where to stand or what to stand for, and in fact we're not good at standing for anything anyway, but at least we know we can't stand Republicans."

Ain't it the truth? What do the Dems stand for these days?

Where is their solution for Social Security? What is their answer as to how to protect us from the terrorist threat? How will they solve the problem of America's failing schools (hint: more science teachers is not the answer)? They do not have answers, except that they hate republicans, particularly Bush (who continues to annoy me too. How about stiking to the people that got you elected? SOU speech was more spending and a reference to Bill Clinton. Did he expect standing ovations from the left. It's like naming the Justice Dept building after RFK and expecting EMK (the "M" standing for manslaughter) to be gratful.)


At 6:49 AM, Blogger francois said...

It's not that they don't have ideas. It's that any particular idea a Democratic think tank comes up with is reflexively opposed by half the caucus. The party can't gel around any particular stance, so they take no stance in order to avoid offending any of their members.

The differences among Republicans tend to be more about priorities than disagreements over actual policy. The Democrats, on the other hand, are split 50-50 on the war, split four different ways on health care(the extreme left wants single payer and will accept nothing less, the moderate Dems have ideas ranging from expanding Medicaid to Pay or Play, but will never accept single payer), and split about ten different ways on Social Security reform(with at least half too scared to actually talk about their ideas).

And then there's free trade, another issue that splits them and their interest groups right down the middle.

Historically, the only time this party can function politically is when a strong leader emerges and forces everyone to work together. Unfortunately for the Democrats, there is no such clear leader at this time.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Neal Phenes said...


I agree with your assessment 100%. But if they had someone with the chutzpah to state their position and the fringes (though you say they are 50%-not a fringe at that %) be damned, there would be a candidate.

While I could be swayed by the right Dem candidate, there are none that are simultaneously strong on defense, the War On terror and at the same time truly fiscally conservative to cut entitlements and overall spending. They tend to try to reduce the deficit by the likely to fail tax increase method.

Bush is no fiscal conservative but he has cut taxes and the deficit has reduced with the greater tax revenues due to higher growth. So he comes as close to what I want of anyone on the horizon.


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