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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What the Dems Must Do To Win

I distributed an article by Mark Joseph to the Think Tank entitled "Memo to the Democrats: get in the game". Joseph suggests the election would be competitive (he predicts a major victory by George Allen over Hillary Clinton) if the following occurred:

1. Republicans nominate "lefty-leaning" Rudy Giuliani;
2. Republicans nominate John McCain;
3. Dems move abortion to a neutral party position (hard to sell that one, I'd say);
4. Dems nominate Evan Bayh;
5. Dems "engage the conservative churchgoing audience" (another hard one to sell);
6. Respectfully criticize the President (these tolerant Americans cannot stifle their hatred of him and conservatives in general);
7. Dems actually propose a workable reform such as a flat tax or social security reform (Does Joseph remember who owns the party?);
8. Dems "soften up" George Allen (where will they get an accommodating press to serve this purpose?).

Most of the above appears very unlikely.

Our resident former-Hoosier, who taught Bobby Knight everything he knows about chair-throwing and man-to-man defense, Mike Taylor attacks point #4 above:

I seriously question Mark Joseph's assertion #4 on how Democrats could win in '08:

4) Nominate Indiana Senator Evan Bayh for President. Bayh learned from his father, Senator Birch Bayh's defeat in 1980 how to present liberalism with a mainstream face. He's your man. If he's the nominee, you win and the Republicans lose.

As many of you may remember, I am from Indiana and I don't think that Evan Bayh is of presidential timber. At the very least he is not a candidate that would be a "lock" to win the presidency.

If you've ever seen Evan Bayh speak on the Sunday shows, you can not help but immediately ask yourself "What the hell did he just say?". I don't think that you can pin down Evan Bayh on any issue because he is trying SO hard to be all things to all people.

I'm not sure that Bayh is succeeding in "present(ing) liberalism with a mainstream face".

For those of you who have forgotten his father, Birch Bayh* was such a flaming liberal that he set off sprinkler alarms. Birch Bayh was the main proponent of the Equal Rights Amendment. How liberal is that?

That liberalism secured votes from "Da Region" in Indiana (that's basically the Gary, IN area for you non-Hoosiers) and inner-city Indianapolis. BUT ol' Birch protected farm subsidies and that got him enough of the rural vote to eke out a few wins over Republican candidates such as Dick Lugar. (Lugar eventually replaced "Vacillating" Vance Hartke as the other Senator from Indiana.)

Birch Bayh lost his Senate seat to Dan Quayle. So I'm not sure how that qualifies the father as a mentor to his son's political aspirations.

Evan Bayh is rated 33% by the National Taxpayer's Union and rated 91% by the NEA, indicating that he is well into the "bigger government is better government" camp. He's rated at 60% by the ACLU, 33% by the Christian Coalition, 85% by the AFL-CIO... does that sound like a "lock" to win in 2008?

-- Mike

*Little-known fact about Birch Bayh, in 1964 he pulled Ted Kennedy from the burning wreckage of a small plane crash near Springfield, MA. Which is more than Ted Kennedy did for Mary Jo Kopechne. The pilot of the plane and another passenger were killed in that crash.

Think Tanker Joseph Kenner adds the following:

"I don't think that you can pin down Evan Bayh on any issue because he is trying SO hard to be all things to all people." Those are famous words. The same was said about Bill Clinton when he was running in '92. I have no idea who the Dems will run but if they can get a polished all things to all people 'moderate' candidate they have a very good chance...depending on who the Republicans select.


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was 2004 instead of 1964 Evan Bayh's father, Birch, would have needed a crane to pull Two Ton Teddy from the plane crash.

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Anagram of EDWARD is DEWARS. Well, close enough.

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