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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Teddy: No Post Withdrawal Bloodbath in Vietnam?

The Ted Kennedy penchant for demagoguing is legendary. So is his trouble with honesty. While we allow him to stammer and sputter on, sometimes we have to call him out. This is one of those occasions.

Recently on Meet the Press, Teddy stated:

"First of all, I heard the same kinds of suggestions at the time of the end of the Vietnam War. The 'Great Bloodbath' -- we're going to have over 100,000 people that were going to be murdered and killed . . . Those of us that were strongly opposed to the war heard those same kinds of arguments at the time."

Can this be allowed to stand without correction? Thanks to Jeff Jacoby for the following quote of refutation:

"A gruesome holocaust took place in Cambodia, the likes of which had not been seen since World War II," James Webb, a scholar, combat Marine, and former Navy secretary, has written. "Two million Vietnamese fled their country -- mostly by boat. Thousands lost their lives in the process . . . Inside Vietnam, a million of the south's best young leaders were sent to re-education camps; more than 50,000 perished while imprisoned, and others remained captives for as long as 18 years."

Teddy and liberals with whom I was once kindred, you can bask in your opposition to and success in ending the Vietnam War. You can argue whether it ever had a true connection to American national interests. You can state that during the war there were acts of inhumanity visited upon our enemies.

But the bloody aftermath cannot be ignored. That Kennedy and his crowd can so wantonly deny the historical fact of the slaughter of Asian innocents by the leaders who overtook those countries after our withdrawal is intellectual dishonesty that characterizes the Left.


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