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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rummy is Right

In Cal Thomas' positive essay on Donald Rumsfeld's recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Thomas quotes the Secretary of Defense's description of the difference between the methods employed by the US and terrorists:

"One side does all it can to avoid civilian casualties, while the other side uses civilians as shields, and then skillfully orchestrates a public outcry when the other side accidentally kills civilians in their midst. One side is held to exacting standards of near perfection; the other side is held to no standards and no accountability at all."

Skip March comments:

Cal Thomas is right on with his piece "Rumsfeld is Right". I have often thought about what would have happened if Americans and others fighting Germany had been inundated (without continuing context by the media) of the carnage in that last German offensive. To be sure both strategic and tactical mistakes were made by Allied forces. Additionally, we were throwing troops (both woefully under-trained and under-equipped) into the battle throughout those months. As at the beginning of the war, there were many who would have cut a deal with the devil (Hitler) for any one of a variety of reasons.

In the end, Hitler and his regime had to be utterly destroyed because of what he was and what he stood for. FDR knew this as early as the mid-1930's. And while telling Americans during the 1940 Presidential election he would not send American boys to Europe, he knew full well that there would be a time, sooner than later, that he would have to. There was a moral imperative for defeating Hitler's Germany and Tojo's Japan. President Bush has insisted, with Tony Blair by the way, that we and the world take action on today's moral imperative of defeating radical Islamic terrorism (that has its roots in Nazi facism) and has done so most demonstratively in Iraq. Israel now insists that the world meet its moral responsibilities (as articulated once again under UN resolutions) with Hezbollah, Hamas and radical Islamic terrorism.

Mark Reynolds adds:

Just last night I said to my wife that the enemy we face today is greater than the Nazi’s. Yes the Nazi’s were evil – there can be no doubt about that. The atrocities that they perpetrated on the Jewish people and others is truly an abomination and nothing, even that which we face today, can make the Nazi’s and the acts they committed any less disgusting and hateful. Evil is evil.

However now we find ourselves pitted against a group of peoples who hate all of western society, whether you are Jewish, Christian, atheist, it doesn’t matter (now this does not make them more evil than the Nazi’s but it does make that evil dangerous to a larger group of people). Further, other than the occasional spy (who was gathering tactical information not trying to kill civilians) German nationalists did not live among us. Now in all the western world, Europe, Canada and here in the US, islamofascist groups live and plot in our towns and cities.

And the advantages that we had in World War II are no longer: fighting a war against a nation, as opposed to fighting a shadowy group of terrorists; fighting the war on specific fronts (i.e. battles where advancing and winning meant taking areas of land) as opposed to fighting a hatred of our society; a national media which supported patriotism and national interest as opposed to a national media intent on bringing down a President and bent on its own ideology so much so that they are blind to the evil that will engulf them as surly as it would engulf us all; a nation where young men and women gladly joined our armed services or took jobs in factories to support the war effort as opposed to a nation were parents aren’t willing to have their kids even be exposed to an Army recruiter on high school and college campus’ and those who do serve are derided as less educated and not skilled enough to find a job in the “real world”; a resolute nation willing to bear any hardship for the defeat of evil as opposed to a population, fat here at home, which gets uncomfortable at the very mention of any bad news coming from the war. And on top of it, because of our actions in Vietnam, we have an enemy that knows that all they have to do is stick it out until the media in America gets the public worked up enough to demand that the troops be brought home.

The picture, my friends, is not a rosy one.


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