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Monday, December 04, 2006

Power Corrupts In Nano-Seconds

The WSJ publishes a letter from liberal Congressmen John Rockerfeller, Olympia Snow and other signatories to Exxon.

Has anyone read this over the top attack on Exxon by the Senate? Considering liberals are the party of open debate and tolerance, this really makes one question their intellectual integrity. Or is this mere power used to silence opponents. It can't be since they are the tolerant party. Our fears of what life would be like should the Democrats assume power may have been a gross under-estimate.

Here is an excerpt:

In light of the adverse impacts still resulting from your corporations activities, we must request that ExxonMobil end any further financial assistance or other support to groups or individuals whose public advocacy has contributed to the small, but unfortunately effective, climate change denial myth. Further, we believe ExxonMobil should take additional steps to improve the public debate, and consequently the reputation of the United States. We would recommend that ExxonMobil publicly acknowledge both the reality of climate change and the role of humans in causing or exacerbating it. Second, ExxonMobil should repudiate its climate change denial campaign and make public its funding history. Finally, we believe that there would be a benefit to the United States if one of the world's largest carbon emitters headquartered here devoted at least some of the money it has invested in climate change denial pseudo-science to global remediation efforts. We believe this would be especially important in the developing world, where the disastrous effects of global climate change are likely to have their most immediate and calamitous impacts.

Who does not think they will abuse their power to shake down Exxon?


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair and Balanced on Exxon Mobil...

Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Political analysts are still poring over exit polls trying to glean reasons why Democrats won the Congress in the midterm elections.

It was the war in Iraq, of course, but also a pile of other issues -- voter disgust with lobbyist Jack Abramoff for taking elected officials off to golf, and elected officials taking themselves off to Terri Schiavo's bedside at the expense of the country's business. It was also images of Katrina's destruction, the anger of those left out of the Bush boom, and a desperate president asserting that to vote Democratic would mean America lost and the terrorists won.

It's all of the above and one other issue bubbling under the surface: the president who ruled as if he had won in a landslide making appointments as partisan as possible.

No appointment was so unreasonable that the Republican- controlled Congress wouldn't rubber-stamp it. Often, President George W. Bush chose a nominee whose views were at war with the agency he was being assigned to head.

I'm thinking of the Exxon Mobil Corp. lobbyist chosen as chief of staff on the Council on Environmental Quality who blacked out of official documents the scientific findings on global warming that he didn't like...

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Neal Phenes said...

Irrelevant. What is your point as respects the coercion by public figures to deny an opponent the floor in public debate?

At 8:35 AM, Blogger francois said...

It's not coercion yet, but knowing the history of Congress and the Democratic Party in particular, it will become coercion if Exxon doesn't fall in line.

At 1:41 AM, Anonymous SUNIL.KUMAR said...

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