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Saturday, June 03, 2006

NYT Makes Up Labor Department Quote

The NYT Business Section front page news article “Job Growth And Wages Were Weak Last Month” opened with the following:

Job creation slowed to a crawl in May and hourly wages failed to keep up with inflation, the Labor Department said on Friday, in a report suggesting that high energy prices and higher interest rates are starting to crimp economic growth.

The Labor Department really “said” that it “slowed to a crawl”? This is a news piece and I never read anywhere in the article that a Labor Department spokesman “said” anything of the kind. Do they think Robert Reich is still heading that department? He said things like that yesterday on Kudlow’s show.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Support The Troops By Attacking The War?

In response to the Palestinian cartoons that portray:

Palestinian child urinating on the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty as a suicide terrorist
The Statue of Liberty's torch igniting the world's fires
The Statue of Liberty as a prostitute
The Statue of Liberty being imprisoned by the FBI and CIA
The Statue of Liberty as an evil Condoleezza Rice, representing Israel
The Statue of Liberty destroyed with Superman at the "Gates of Baghdad"
The Statue of Liberty symbol as a heroic Palestinian woman. However, instead of representing freedom, the defiant Palestinian Statue represents violence and terror, wears a crown of machines guns and holds an infant grasping a stone.

Andrew "Skip" March writes:

Somehow there's this belief, largely in the Democratic Party, that if we don't bother Islamic extremists, they won't bother us. Or, if we're nice to them they'll be nice to us. Or that if we make a mistake in the battlefield or wherever that they will propagandize it so we should get out. Given that they were blowing up innocent people and attacking the US plenty before we went into Afghanistan or Iraq is evidence enough to refute these arguments. And if we didn't make any mistakes or weren't there they'd be making lies up anyhow....It's in their employee handbook for God's sakes.

At least now there is an alternative point of view, opportunity, way to lead your life in the Middle East. Everyone over there is waiting to see whether the US will see this through or not...it is as basic as that. An editorial in the "Ridgefield Press" newspaper from a local soldier stationed in Iraq makes this very point. The overall point of his editorial is that you cannot not support the war and support the troops...I never got that one either as hard as I tried to figure it out. This brave soldier goes on to point out that the continued undermining in our own country of the war effort and our Commander-In-Chief, while claiming to support the troops, has only put our soldiers in danger, emboldened the enemy and created casualties both civilian and soldier. So, thanks New York Times, et al for endangering our troops

This is a war that will last a generation and when we kick the hell out of these murdering barbarians in the Middle East, they will move to sub-Saharan Africa. And when we kick the hell out of them there they will move to South America. Enemy documents seized have articulated this enemy strategy. So we can tell the world that we are just willing to live with it or.......

My added comments are:

The theory of how one can be against the war, act against it, even provide aid and comfort to the enemy and still support the troops, is that the troops are mere pawns of mistaken leaders who wantonly place these innocent soldiers in harm's way. They then believe that by ending the war quicker, they have saved more soldier's lives than otherwise would have died had they not ended the war.

My view is simply that our doing nothing in response to the many attacks (chronicled earlier by Skip) created a more bellicose enemy than has been proved today by aggressively engaging them on their turf. The enemies will grow as they see success. The majority of saner members will choose life over going toe-to-toe with US soldiers. The Islamic terrorists are not fighting for their survival. We, and our allies including Israel, are. They are asserting themselves in the "re-taking" of territories they deem their due. Whether they want to return to the world caliphate they possessed circa 1200 A.D. or have designs on a new Islamic world, they have chosen the wrong enemy. Had they kept to the Europeans, they would have a shot at major territorial inroads. As a matter of fact, per Bruce Bawer, the author of "While Europe Slept", the takeover of Europe by Muslims is demographically and spiritually certain. (Can the Italians procreate, at least?).

While we may be merely witnessing the demise of the Euro West, it is heartening to know that in the face of the Leftist media, academia and fellow-citizens, there are stalwarts among us who volunteer to serve in our armed forces, citizens who articulate a survivor message to neighbors and family and people in government, yes I said "government, thank you Mr. Rumsfeld, who take the threat seriously and ensure our likely success.

Anti-Israel Bias

The Left's veneration of other nations' sovereignty, while deploring the US attempt to assert its sovereignty over its borders, has led it to claim that because a country has voted a certain way, they are beyond reproach. We hear that the Palestinians have "spoken" by electing Hamas to run it, so Hamas must be treated as the legitimate government. That is so, but becuase of Hamas' direct terrorist activities, why should we not bring all pressure to penalize these people for the erroneous choice?

Ed Koch, in his criticism of the NYT and BBC anti-Israel bias, quotes the NYT's concise restatement of this theme:

no one has the right, states The Times, to "punish the Palestinian people by endorsing any unilateral proposal (a reference to President Bush's support of a land exchange of about eight percent of the West Bank containing Jewish settlements) - doing that would punish them for exercising their democratic right to vote."

Koch retorts:

What idiocy on the part of The Times. Of course, the Palestinian people should be punished for their election decision.

That same view - not to criticize or take action - was in vogue in 1932 and thereafter following Hitler's democratic victory in Germany when he became the lawful Chancellor of the German government and began his war against the Jews and later the nations of Europe. Had the German nation been criticized and punished for electing Hitler in 1932, the world may have been spared the slaughter by the Nazis of 50 million people including six million Jews...

In the 1930s and '40s, the critical failure of The Times, reported on and acknowledged by The Times after World War II, was its omission to adequately report on the murderous war against the Jews undertaken by Hitler and his Nazi government.

Appeasement of dictators and anti-US and anti-Jewish state animus motivates the MSM today.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Trade Deficit Means They Have More Pieces Of Paper And We Have More TVs

An anonymous comment in the heated debate a few posts below quoted P.J. O'Rourke. He recently wrote a wonderful article in the Weekly Standard where he explained free trade and the silliness of the trade deficit Chicken Littles.

But there is no such thing as a trade imbalance. Trade can't be out of balance because a balance is what a trade is. Buyers and sellers decide that one thing is equivalent to another. Free trade is balanced trade...

There is no such thing as a trade deficit. It doesn't matter if America imports all of its goods from China and exports nothing but pieces of paper. The Americans want the computer monitor, and the Chinese want handsome portraits of Benjamin Franklin. No coercion is involved. Nobody is making Americans buy Chinese goods...

But let us consider the parable of Japan in the 1980s. Japan kept giving America radios, TVs, stereos, and cars, and we kept giving Japan money. The Japanese didn't want anything America made except Michael Jackson tapes, and we didn't even make the valuable part--the tape cassette part--of those. So the Japanese decided to buy America itself. They bought office complexes, hotels, and golf courses. The Japanese bid up the price of American real estate until the bubble did what bubbles do. By the 1990s America had all the radios, TVs, stereos, and cars, and all the office complexes, hotels, and golf courses, and all the money.

There were even more gems in his article. Do the genuises in DC understand these basic facts?

Respect For Authority Is Not Respected

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of the inter-faith group Toward Tradition, discusses the need for respect for authority---a lesson of the Jewish holiday Shavuot which begins tonight. It is a holiday that celebrates the receipt of God's Bible by the Jews, what Lapin calls "the day God gave us Jews 613 rules to live by". What a drag! The holiday celebrates without gifts, feasts or other activities except a midnight to sun-up service that studies the Torah. The rabbi recognizes this is not a sexy holiday, especially for secularized Jews (like me).

His latest newsletter (sorry but no link available) discussion contains the following:

One of the main differences between a nation comfortable in its Judeo-Christian heritage and one struggling to reject it is how its people accept authority. Do they manufacture bumper stickers that proclaim "question authority!" or do they train children to obey parents, students to venerate teachers, husbands to revere their wives, and soldiers to follow their commanders?

The renegade is honored by our society with wealth and esteem. But there are millions of fatherless babies, families without fixtures of spirit and people who think morality can have alternatives that do nothing to better our world.

The Democratic Vision Looks Like Europe Of Today

Yesterday Hillary Clinton formally announced her New York Senate campaign and predicted that Democrats will win every major political office in that state and "What will that look like?". What would that be like? For a look into a liberal future-world, let's turn to Europe---the necessary conclusion of Leftist programs.

As Victor Davis Hanson describes:

[T]he general European discomfort could be summed up best as the following: Why hasn't the good life turned out the way we wanted it to? England, France and Germany are upping their retirement ages and/or planning pension cuts. They have given up the dream that workers in the future can quit at 55 - or even 65!...

The enemies of Europe's past - responsible for everything from Verdun and Dresden to a constant threat of mutually assured destruction - were identified as nationalism and militarism. Meanwhile, at home, Europeans cited cutthroat competition and unbridled individualism as additional contributory causes of the prior strife and unhappiness.

So in response to the errors of the past, Europeans systematically expanded the welfare state. They welcomed in immigrants. Politicians slashed defense spending, lowered the retirement age and cut the workweek. Voters demanded trade barriers to protect the public from the ravages of globalization. Either to enjoy the good life or to save the planet, couples forswore children.

But instead of utopia, unintended consequences ensued. Unemployment soared. Dismal economic growth, shrinking populations and a scarier world outside their borders followed.

Hanson thinks the only shot at redemption is for a stalwart soul to stand up and speak the truth immediately. This fictional Ronald Reagan:

... is going to have to inform the European public: Work much harder and longer for less money; defend the continent on your own; move out of mama's house and start changing diapers - and from now on expect far less from the state. Who knows what the reaction will be to that splash of cold water?

Because I have little faith that Europeans have such a man or the strength for a manly response to a severe enemy and a harsh world, through the softening feminization of their socialist nanny states, I suggest that people get their tickets now, this year, for a grand Euro vacation. Give it 10 years and it will be useful as a more scenic and temperate alternative to Mecca. Pilgrimage anyone?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doddering Border Security

Is Chris Dodd the biggest wimp in the Senate? Now here is some legislation that shows the sharpened fangs of our protectors in the Democratic party. Dodd's contribution to the Senate Immigration bill:

(b) CONSULTATION REQUIREMENT. Consultations between United States and Mexican authorities at the federal, state, and local levels concerning the construction of additional fencing and related border security structures along the United States-Mexico border shall be undertaken prior to commencing any new construction, in order to solicit the views of affected communities, lessen tensions and foster greater understanding and stronger cooperation on this and other important issues of mutual concern.

We have to consult with anybody from Mexico before placing structures on our own territory? Thanks to "The Great One" Mark Levin's blog.


I have a liberal friend who hates extremism (sort of an extreme position in itself).

I advise him that people who hold extreme positions may be right or may be wrong. Abolitionists were extreme in their hatred of slavery. Was that an improper position to profess? The Founding Fathers were extremists in their philosophy towards liberty. Does anyone wish our fellow Americans held such extremist views today? What about the failure of moderate Germans to stand up to Hitler (I apologize for the Hitler-Nazi allusion but Jews have a complex about that historical example).

Jonah Goldberg discusses this in "The Case For Extremism" and provides us the great Barry Goldwater quote:

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Martin Luther King from his letter from the Birmingham jail:

"So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice?"

I am for extremists for free markets and personal liberty.

The Poor Vision

Thomas Sowell provides valuable commentary on the false "vision" about the "poor" in America. The MSM and the self-congratulating do-gooders of the Left see both the rich and the poor as permanent fixtures. However, facts belie their assumptions (from Sowell):

1. Three-quarters of the people in the bottom 20 percent in 1975 were also in the top 40 percent at some point over the next two decades.

2. There are, in fact, more heads of household who are full-time, year-around workers in the top 5 percent than in the bottom 20 percent.

3. In reality, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that only about 2 percent of workers who are 25 years old or older have minimum wage jobs.

The idea of the "poor" or "rich" is silly when discussing tax rates on income. Peoples incomes may vary year to year while their lifestyles and balance sheet wealth markedly differ. The Kennedys since scion Joe have not been rich in comes. They have tended to hold low pay jobs while living lavishly on trust funds. Their yearly income would likely be very small compared to an entrepreneur who works 100 hours per week, takes no vacations, reinvests any profits back into the business and risks his assets in the survival of his business. The Kennedys are supported by their trusts, can "live large" yet rage that those with $200,000 incomes in any particular year do not pay enough taxes. Of course, the Kennedys have largely contributed to making such salaries less valuable in the high cost of living states in the Northeast through their regulations, massive government budgets and high taxes.

Sowell explains:

The very phrase "the poor" suggests that we are talking about some permanent group of people rather than transients in low income brackets who will be in higher income brackets in a few more years.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carnival of Liberty

Check out today's Carnival of Liberty where the post below about immigrants learning English received a prominent placement---first linked piece. Yay. Anybody reading this mierda?

Science Reported If Scary

When the NYT can locate a scientist to support a cancer scare, they will do a feature for all to read. Next, of course, the story is heard on all the networks as gospel. Rarely will there ever appear the story of the peer review of that test that found flaws rendering the test unrealiable. That just does not fit the NYT green world view.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan in TCS discusses how the NYT feature on the carcingenic nature of aspartame required a retraction. She writes:

Aspartame -- those little blue packets with the trade name NutraSweet -- cause cancer! It was official!

Not so fast. Earlier this month, the European equivalent of the FDA said, "Never mind."

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that the Ramazzini assertion that aspartame was a carcinogen was not supported by data, and the agency saw no need to further review the safety of aspartame or to revise current recommendations on consumption levels. There were major flaws in the laboratory research, the EFSA concluded, noting that confounding factors, including chronic inflammation in the organs of the test animals, rendered the results invalid. And this in Europe, where the precautionary principle prevails, and where other food scares have pushed regulatory agencies into a very cautious stance.

I located the retraction. Unlike the original scare piece, it did not contain the splashy photo of the smiling testing doctor in his lab coat with rats running on his shoulder. I am not sure it was carried on the first page of the science section.

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