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Friday, June 16, 2006

Malthus Was Right On This

Thanks to Econopundit for this:

Malthus pointed out that temporary charity creates more misery than it alleviates, because people "accomodate" to temporary situations as if they were permanent.

Palestinian Involuntary Suicides

It has been disproved that the rockets that killed the Palestinians on the Gaza beach were fired by Israel. In fact, it was the exploding bombs in the possession of the nearby Palestinian militants that caused the deaths of the beach-goers.

But Charles Krauthammer says that, even should we suppose the rockets were launched by Israel that killed those families on the beach,

[T]here is an even larger question not asked. Whether the rocket bases are near civilian beaches or in remote areas, why are the Gazans launching any rockets at Israel in the first place -- about 1,000 in the last year?

To get Israel to remove its settlers, end the occupation and let the Palestinians achieve dignity and independence? But Israel did exactly that in Gaza last year. It completely evacuated Gaza, dismantled all its military installations, removed its soldiers, destroyed all Israeli settlements and expelled all 7,000 Israeli settlers. Israel then declared the line that divides Israel from Gaza to be an international frontier. Gaza became the first independent Palestinian territory ever.

And what have the Palestinians done with this independence, this judenrein territory under the Palestinians' own control? They have used their freedom to ... launch rockets at civilians in nearby Israeli towns.

Why? Because the Palestinians prefer victimhood to statehood.

They launch rockets near beach-goers exactly so the return of fire kills non-combatants. That leads to NYT headlines against Israel. And the public opinion of their supporters (What Little Green Footballs calls "Pallywood Hoaxes") remain against Israel for their wanton cruelty. Actually, these victims are "involuntary suicides"."

Upon looking at the sad pictures of the bombing aftermath on that beach , we must ask the question posed by Krauthammer:

Who is responsible for the heart-rending grief of that poor Palestinian girl?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't Miss Out On Motherhood

Emily Yoffe in The Mommy War explains how she received many scornful letters for advising a young newlywed woman who claimed to be dead-set against having any children to re-examine the choice as her life circumstances change. Yoffe claims the letters were from many successful career-women who liked their life-style very much. Yoffe said that they may have no regrets but they are missing something beyond the oft-portrayed financial burdens, lost hours of sleep and missed movies due to child-rearing. They also miss out on the fun!

I know that is correct. Every day I gain immense joy from little mundane events and conversations I have with my daughter and son. What would life be like without them? All I know is I would have to watch many movies, go to many Broadway shows and take many exotic vacations to match the fun I have in a single day at home with my kids.

Dear parents out there:

Yesterday my 5 year old boy asked me to take the training wheels off his bike. He was ready to ride without them. I took them off and then held his seat as he pedalled. I let go and off he went. Today, he is starting by himself and riding much faster. Remember that day?

Meanwhile my daughter and I just finished reading "Anne of Green Gables". What a touching, wonderful book! Most adults will never read it without having a child nearby to share it with. We both cried during the final chapters.

You will have to see 1,000 flicks to reach my level of anxiety, pride and laughter. Who knows, tonight my son may read "No David" on his own. My daughter may discuss some animal other than her favorite---cheetahs (did you know they usually have litters of 2 to 8 cubs)---with me.

It is a thrill every day.

Z-man's Trove

While Democrats and their enabling MSM harrumph the killing of Zarqawi, we see there was more than the long, painful death of an animal that occurred that made that incident so rewarding. We got massive intelligence.!

Iraq's national security adviser said Thursday a "huge treasure" of documents and computer records was seized after the raid on terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's hideout, giving the Iraqi government the upper hand in its fight against al-Qaida in Iraq.

It is looking moe and more like we will be able to hand off the country to the new government on a reasonable timetable.

Even A Rat Deserves A Fair Shake

While I am not a fan of George Soros, I detest more prosecutions for anti-trust or insider trading that tend to be political hack jobs charading as public good. So while I would have placed this affirmation of an insider trading conviction of Soros, alongside my appreciation of the convictions of George Steinbrenner for election fraud and Al Capone for tax fraud, my instincts tell me the $3 billion conviction of Soros is a lot of nonsense.

The Healing Powers Of The World Cup

Money causes unethical behavior. Car emissions cause the world climate to rise. Tax cuts for the rich cause deficits. And soccer causes violence. Though this act of violence may have been justified.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Those Cute Kos Kids and The Future Seen

From Mike Taylor:

If you recently tuned in to watch Tim Russert's Sunday morning show, "Meet the Press" you might have listened to a round table of commentators discussing the future of the Democratic Party and the importance of left-leaning internet web sites such as Dailykos.com.

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of that blogosphere site was on the Sunday panel along with Byron York, a columnist for National Review On Line. The discussion among the group ranged from Hillary Clinton's standing with dailykos contributors, the influence of bloggers on the political landscape and where the Democrat party is headed.

One of the more widely reported "facts" about dailykos.com is that it gets half a million hits a day. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But it does get a lot of attention as the propelling force behind candidates such as Howard Dean and Ned Lamont. (Lamont is the virulently anti-Bush primary challenger to Sen. Joe Lieberman here in CT.) The dailykos.com web site hosts a "convention", of sorts, each year they call "Yearlykos.com".

Byron York filed a "foreign correspondent"-like report about the Yearlykos.com convention in Las Vegas. (A written report is here: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MGM4NmIyMjA4NDA1OTBlN2QxMjQ0OWIzNThiNTQzOTY=) On Russert's show, York was his usual self: calm, attentive to the dialogue with a facile delivery of fact-filled reportage. Moulitsas was almost equally as calm, albeit a little preachy.

Here's what Moulitsas had to say on his web site about Byron York after their appearance together:

"Poor Byron York. He sure sounds like he didn't have fun in Vegas. Of course, Byron is just another chickenshit who didn't serve his nation in uniform. Perhaps it's because they would've cut his hair off in basic training, and like Samson, it would've destroyed his "evil liberal slaying" superpowers."

Some of you may remember that Islamic terrorists murdered some American contractors in Fallujah in April, 2004. The terrorists strung up the dead bodies on a bridge and several local sympathizers were videotaped "celebrating" around the bridge. Here's what Markos Moulitsas had to say about those fellow Americans:

"That said, I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries (sp). They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

I find that one of the more telling statistics about Markos Moulitsas and his website is their record in backing candidates.

First off, they backed Howard Dean in the early primaries in 2004. We all know what happened there. Yeeeee-aggggh!

The conventional wisdom has been that Howard Dean was selected as Democrat Party Chairman because Dean has a special sense of how the internet can be used to raise money for party candidates. So I guess dailykos.com can claim to have influenced the selection of the worst party chairman in recent memory. So, they've got that victory under their belt.

In other 2004 races, dailykos.com-backed candidates were a combined 0 for 12.

Man, that's power! Bob Shrum-like power! (Bob Shrum is 0 for 7 in managing Democrat Presidential campaigns.)

Moulitsas appears in Ned Lamont's commercial: http://nedlamont.com/blog/168/on-the-air . Am I the only one who thinks this commercial is more about Moulitsas and less about Lamont? Somewhere on the net you can find a parody of this commercial with the "Mentos Fresh and Full of Life!" music... which seems to fit this commercial better than what was actually scripted.

My opinion, this commercial was a bone thrown to the dogs of dailykos.com. Moulitsas was getting his ego stroked by Democrat big wigs in hopes that he would keep his dogs on a leash.

"Listen Markos, we in the Democrat party believe in you! We believe in your cause! We love dailykos.com! I mean, we absolutely love how you're sticking it to the man! Bush sucks. We want to feature you in races because you have big, swinging pair and you deserve the right to influence elections. C'mon, waddya say? Want to be featured in a commercial? You pick the candidate, we trust your political instincts, baby!"

I think that the Democrat big wigs have wasted their money. Moulitsas is convinced that he is a king maker... despite his abysmal record. Because Moulitsas has the same politics as the main stream media, he'll continue to be praised as a king maker.

Some people think that Markos Moulitsas is the future of the Democrat party... if he is, the political atmosphere will be much darker before it gets lighter.

-- Mike

Monday, June 12, 2006

Carnival Of Family Life

The post below called Teach Your Children Well on raising children was featured on the Carnival of Family Life. Read the interesting insights.

The Blob---Government Workers

Interesting how federal jobs have dropped from May 1990's 3.4 million to a May 2006 low of 2.7 million (Clinton did his share). Yeah!!!!

However, the governors and mayors of both stripes nationwide are loading up on loafers. State employees went from May 2000's 4.2 million to 5 million in May 2006 and local government employee rolls increased from May 1990's 10.8 million to May 2006's 14.1 million.

Absent federal numbers, state and local staffing rose from 15 million to 19.8 million---close to a 33% increase. With gold-plated pensions and benefits, no wonder the taxes keep rising.

The numbers were all provided by Greg Kaza at NRO. Get this, Governor Ahnuld reduced state employment by 800. Compared to others, he has done very well.

Do you think a flat 10% cut across the board would have little effect on the rendition of services?

I Should Have Bought Microsoft 10 Years Ago

Breaking News:

The decline of the Big Three automakers and the rise of their Japanese competitors means the United Auto Workers must accept big changes in its approach to health insurance and other contract issues, union President Ron Gettelfinger says.

About a decade too late? Whaddaya think?

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