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Friday, October 13, 2006

Franken Goes Bust

Think Tanker Mike Taylor wins the "When Will Air America Go Belly Up" contest. Mike predicted it would file bankruptcy before Halloween. It has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a network official told The AP.

I figured it could go on forever with its ever enthralling discussions about how much funnyman Al Franken and friends hate Bush, Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Free Market Capitalists, intellectually honest climatologists, religious people, Middle-Americans, investors, issue-grasping minorities, Southerners, gun owners, married couples, The Rich, NASCAR fans, Pro-Lifers, Employers, non-union workers and straights.

I guess Mike realized that if you look down your nose at all of those people, there are few others to actually listen to your BS. Good call, Mike. I owe you a drink next week at the meeting.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Noble Savages

We all know that the world-wide institution of slavery was largely eradicated by the Christian West, notably England, in the latter 19th Century due to the power it wielded over its empire. Today, slavery is practiced in the Sudan and in small tribes off the radar screen (except in National Geographics issues where the free folk show dances and costumes that are so “educational”).

John McWhorter, linguist and social commentator, in “Tribes and Westerners” discusses how Western intelligensia’s love for the “noble savage”, combined with a sneering plaint against “modern man’s” islation and greed, may be mistaken. He describes the life of women in an unnamed tribe who cannot leave their homes without their husband’s permission. Penalty? Beating. To leave the community? The penalty is death.

Western adulation of all non-Western ignores, he explains:

[T]he Jale tribe in Indonesia, [where] disputes and murder were common until foreigners encountered them in the 1960s. The same has been true of countless small groups. The Maori wiped out half of New Zealand's forests in five centuries. In the highlands of New Guinea, a boy's initiation ceremony has often consisted of having barbed grass pushed up his urethra until he bled, performing oral sex on an older man, and then being sodomized by another one…Some bar mitzvah.

And I complained about my bar mitzvah loot--- some chump change and a Don Rickles album (actually I memorized the Rickles routine and entertained friends for 40 years by repeating it and the money did purchase my first car, a Pontiac Lemans that died after 6 months and countless repairs).

While a slower pace in life is romantic and the rapacity of some of our modern brethren is appalling, Left-liberal academics who tout such opinion ignore that all men are created equal. We all have the capacity for the same negative traits regardless of our location. It is the modern world’s striving for improvement that has led to greater creature comforts, health and modern convenience. The spiritual development is a continuing lesson for us all.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who Let A Girl Drown In A Car?

Democrat candidate Diane Farrell who is running for Congress in CT has been demanding house Speaker Dennis Hastert step down over the Mark Foley-page scandal.

Republican Congressman Chris Shays said:

I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day...Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody."

I wonder what he was referring to. Who killed someone and then wound up the ideological leader of a political party?

Crash Into NYC Building

When you first heard this today "Plane Crashes Into Manhattan Building", what was your first thought? Honestly. And how quickly did you think that tying the President's hands in investigating potential terrorists was a mistake?

Terrorism is not ruled out as of yet.

Sandy Burglar

When I steal classified documents (and I find that my socks can hold quite a bit) and destroy some of them before appearing before a government commission, I do it in order to assist the investigators. Ummm, yeah.

Well, some people do not buy that explanation. Sandy Berger and I may be back on the hot seat real soon. He told me it was a guaranteed excuse.

Maybe OJ can help me too.

NoKo Should Wake Some Of Us Up

Developments in North Korea are getting scarier every day. Kim calls new sanctions "an act of war" and SoKo prepares for nuclear attack. But for weeks we have been hearing the Dems and their MSM toadies carp about the attempted homosexual rompings of an unknown Republican Congressman. Thomas Sowell rightly calls this "frivolous politics".

That is the extent of policy from the Dems. While our and our allies' security hangs on the decisions of maniacs running countries like NoKo and Iran, we hear about changing the linoleum.

The electorate may continue with sexual distractions but as Robert Tracinski states:

This is an opportunity to remind the American people that the Axis of Evil isn't Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert. It's Iran, the Iraqi insurgents, and North Korea.

Do not expect such seriousness from the party out of power and ideas.

Putin Will Find Journalist's Killers

Reuters reports: Putin vows to hunt down Russian reporter's killers.

Putin claims the murder of the journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, known for being highly critical of Putin's policies and regime, was a means to hurt Russia's standing in world opinion.

Sounds a lot like Ahmadenijad's claim that the inflation in Iran is due to media talk (see post below).

Putin has gotten a call this week from OJ who vowed to help Putin find Politkovskaya's murderers. Putin has gotten out his golf clubs for the project. My suggestion is they both just look in the mirror.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Iran's Inflation Is A Western Mirage

Jimmy Carter and Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have more in common than a hatred of Israel. Iran is in the throes of stagflation. Ahmadinejad blames the press for it. Milton Friedman would put the blame on government for creating too much money. Whom do you believe?

Another Nobel To A Fan Of Capitalism

The new Nobel Prize winning economist is Columbia University's Edmund "Ned" Phelps. He focuses on the idea of "dynamism"--- how the capitalist economic system unleashes creativity for the benefit of all. A modern proponent of the free market theories of Mises and Hayek, he is now studying the elements of capitalism to see in what specific respects it out-produces its trendy rivals: "market socialism" as practiced in Europe or "corporatism".

Writes the Sun:

Mr. Phelps has recognized that America's dynamism has been the key to its economic success, while many European countries have stalled for lack of it.

Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Phelps for his contributions to the knowledge we gain about how the free market capitalist framework. If only his work were not ignored by the countries and individuals who purposely avoid the historical and empirical proof of the failure of socialism, a system that stifles man's creativity to solve problems and keeps its citizens in poverty (except for the government elites and their bribers).

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